All-In-One Ruggedized 5GT/s 2:1/1:2 PCIe Mux and Redriver with Equalization

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Simple, Robust Way to Switch and Redrive PCIe Gen II

Part Details
  • Fully Integrated for Ease of Use and Design Flexibility
    • Capable of Switching Between Multiple Hosts and Sinks While Overcoming Board Losses
    • Optimized for PCIe Gen II (5.0GT/s); Gen I (2.5GT/s) Compatible
    • Three Levels of Independent Programmable Input Equalization and Output Deemphasis Up to 6dB
  • High Level of Performance to Overcome Noise in Lossy Channels
    • Random Jitter: 0.5psRMS (typ)
    • Deterministic Jitter: 20psP-P (typ)
    • Equalization Permits Placement Up to 30in FR4
  • Robust Solution for Harsh Environments
    • Industrial Temperature Rated: -40°C to +85°C
    • ±2.5kV Human Body Model (HBM) Protection on All Pins
    • Housed in a Flow-Through (3.5mm x 9.5mm) TQFN Package for Resistance to Vibrations/Shocks
Additional Details
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The MAX14982 integrates MUX and redriver functionalities, offering an all-in-one solution capable of switching between multiple hosts or sinks and overcoming circuit-board losses. The solution is ideal for switching and redriving high-speed PCIe® 5.0GT/s (Gigatransfers per second) signals and operates from a single +3.3V supply.
The IC features bidirectional redrivers with built-in independent programmable equalization, output preemphasis, and boost that overcome transmission line noise while preserving signal integrity at the receiver.
The MAX14982 utilizes advanced power-saving techniques where power consumption is reduced by entering standby mode when no drive is connected. The device also features flow-through pin outs to simplify routing and increase layout flexibility.
The MAX14982 is available in a space-saving, 42-pin 3.5mm x 9mm, TQFN package optimal reducing layout complexity as compared to stand-alone mux and redriver solutions. The MAX14982 is specified over the -40°C to +85°C industrial operating temperature range.


  • Industrial/Embedded PCs
  • Medical Equipment
  • Ruggedized Server/Carrier Boards
  • Test Equipment

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