Single-Lane PCIe Equalizer/Redriver

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Ultra-Small Equalizer/Redriver Improves PCIe Signal Integrity Across Systems for Gen 3.0 Applications

Part Details
  • Innovative Design Eliminates Need for Costly External Components
    • Single +3.3V Supply Operation
  • Increased Design Flexibility for Backward- Compatible Applications
    • Optimized for PCIe Gen III (8GT/s) and Gen II (5GT/s) Signals and Compatible with Gen I (2.5GT/s) Signals
  • High Level of Integration for Performance
    • Random Jitter: 0.5psRMS, Deterministic Jitter: 7psp-p
    • Four-Level-Programmable Input Equalization
    • Eight-Level-Programmable Output Emphasis
    • Electrical Idle Detection
    • Receiver Detection Permits Completely Transparent Operation
  • Ideal for Space-Sensitive Applications
    • On-Chip 50Ω Input/Output Terminations
    • 40-Pin, 5.0mm x 5.0mm TQFN Packaging
Additional Details
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The MAX14950A dual equalizer/redriver improves PCI Express® (PCIe) signal integrity by providing programmable input equalization. This feature reduces deterministic jitter and redrives circuitry to reestablish deemphasis, which compensates for circuit-board loss at high frequencies. The device permits optimal placement of key PCIe components and allows for longer runs of stripline, microstrip, or cable.

The device contains two identical channels capable of equalizing PCIe Gen III (8GT/s), Gen II (5GT/s), and Gen I (2.5GT/s) signals and features electrical idle and receiver detection.

The MAX14950A is available in a small, 40-pin, 5.0mm x 5.0mm TQFN package with flow-through traces for optimal layout and minimal space requirements. It is specified over the 0°C to +70°C commercial operating temperature range.


  • Communications Switchers
  • External Graphics Applications
  • Servers
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Test Equipment

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