Dual-Channel USB Host Adapter Emulators

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Enable 2-Channel, High-Current USB Charging with Flexible Power Management Control and I2C

Part Details
  • Integrated Dual Channels
    • More Convenient, High-Current USB Charging Ports for Users
    • Simple and Flexible Power-Management Control
    • Small TQFN Package Minimizes PCB Area
  • Improved Charger Interoperability
    • USB (CDP) Emulation with Smart CDP and Fool-Proof CDP
    • Enhanced Automodes
    • Foolproof CDP
    • Meets New USB Battery Charging (BC) Revision 1.2 Specification
    • Backward Compatible with Previous USB BC Revisions
    • Meets China YD/T1591-2009 Charging Specification
    • Supports Standby-Mode Charging for USB BC Revision 1.2 Compatible Devices
  • Provide Greater Application Flexibility
    • I2C Controls Multiple Modes (MAX14657)
    • A Slave Address Selection Input Offers Two Possible Slave Addresses for Each Emulator (MAX14657)
    • CB0_ and CB1_ Pins Control Multiple Automatic and Manual Charger States (MAX14658, MAX14659)
  • Enhance Performance with High Level of Integrated Features
    • Supports Remote Wake-Up
    • Low-Capacitance USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Switch to Change Charging Modes
    • Automatic Current-Limit Switch Control
    • ±15kV ESD Protection on DP_/DM_
Additional Details
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The MAX14657/MAX14658/MAX14659 are next-generation dual-channel USB 2.0 host-charger adapter emulators that combine USB Hi-Speed analog switches with a USB adapter emulator circuit.
The MAX14657 features an I2C interface to fully configure the charging behavior with different address options. The MAX14658/MAX14659 are controlled by two GPIO inputs (CB1_/CB0_) and support USB data and automatic charger mode. In charging downstream port (CDP) mode, the devices emulate the CDP function while supporting normal USB traffic. The MAX14657/MAX14658 have a CEN_ output for an active-high CLS enable input, and the MAX14659 has an active-low CEN_ output for an active-low CLS enable input to restart the peripheral connected to the USB host.
The MAX14658/MAX14659 feature 2A high-current autodetect mode. The MAX14657 can be configured through I2C to support various dedicated charger modes such as Apple 1A/2A forced, or Apple or Samsung 1A/2A autodetect modes.
The MAX14657/MAX14658/MAX14659 support CDP and standard downstream port (SDP) charging while in the active state (S0), and support the dedicated charging port (DCP) charging while in the standby state (S3/S4/S5). All of the devices support low-speed remote wake-up by monitoring DM_, and also support remote wakeup in sleep mode (S3).
The MAX14657/MAX14658/MAX14659 are available in a 16-pin (3mm x 3mm) TQFN-EP package and are specified over the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range.


  • Laptop/Desktop Computers
  • Universal Chargers Including iPod®/iPhone®/iPad®
  • USB Hubs

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