24-Bit, 4-Channel, Simultaneous-Sampling, Cascadable, Sigma-Delta ADC

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24-Bit, Sigma-Delta ADC, Cascadable Up to 32 Simultaneous Channels

Part Details
  • Four Fully Differential Simultaneously Sampled Channels
  • Cascadable for Up to 32 Channels of Simultaneous Sampling
  • 106dB SNR at 16ksps
  • 117dB SNR at 1ksps
  • 0.25% Error Over a 1000:1 Dynamic Range, Processed Over 16.7ms
  • ±2.2V Full-Scale Input Range
  • ±6V Overvoltage Protected Inputs
  • Internal Crystal Oscillator
  • 2.5V, 50ppm/°C Internal Reference or External Reference
  • Programmable Output Data Rate
    • 0.25ksps to 64ksps Range
    • 0.065% Resolution
  • Programmable Sampling Phase
    • 0 to 333µs Delay in 1.33µs Steps
  • SPI-/QSPI-/MICROWIRE-/DSP-Compatible 4-Wire Serial Interface
  • Cascadable Interface Allows Control of Up to Eight Devices with a Single Active-Low CS Signal
  • 3.0V to 3.6V Analog Supply Voltage
  • 2.7V to VAVDD Digital Supply Voltage
  • 38-Pin TSSOP Package
Additional Details
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The MAX11040 is a 24-bit, 4-channel, simultaneous-sampling, sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The device allows simultaneous sampling of as many as 32 channels using a built-in cascade feature to synchronize as many as eight devices. The serial interface of the MAX11040 allows reading data from all the cascaded devices using a single command. Four modulators simultaneously convert each fully differential analog input with a programmable data output rate ranging from 0.25ksps to 64ksps. The device achieves 106dB SNR at 16ksps and 117dB SNR at 1ksps. The MAX11040 operates from a single +3V supply. The differential analog input range is ±2.2V when using the internal reference, an external reference is optional. Each input is overvoltage protected up to ±6V without damage. The device uses an internal crystal oscillator or an external source for clock.

The MAX11040 is compatible with SPI™, QSPI™, MICROWIRE™, and DSP-compatible 4-wire serial interfaces. An on-board interface logic allows one serial interface (with a single chip select) to control up to eight cascaded devices or 32 simultaneous sampling analog input channels.

The MAX11040 is ideally suited for power-management systems. Each channel includes an adjustable sampling phase enabling internal compensation for phase shift due to external dividers, transformers, or filters at the inputs. The output data rate is adjustable with a 0.065% resolution (at 16ksps or below) to track the varying frequency of a periodic input. An active-low SYNC input allows periodic alignment of the conversion timing of multiple devices with a remote timing source.

The MAX11040 is available in a 38-pin TSSOP package specified over the -40°C to +105°C industrial temperature range.


  • Industrial Data Acquisition Systems
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Multiphase Power Systems
  • Power Protection Relay Equipment
Complete documentation is available upon completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). To request an NDA, click here.

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kits 1


Evaluation Kit for the MAX5135, MAX11040, and MAX11612



Evaluation Kit for the MAX5135, MAX11040, and MAX11612

Evaluation Kit for the MAX5135, MAX11040, and MAX11612

Features and Benefits

  • 12-Bit, 2-/4-Channel, SAR ADC Support (MAX11612)
  • 24-Bit, 4-Channel, Programmable Data Rate, Sigma-Delta ADC Support (MAX11040)
  • 12-Bit, 4-Channel DAC Support (MAX5135)
  • Connects with any Spartan 6 Evaluation Boards Through a Standard FMC VITA-57.1 LPC Connector

Product Detail

The MAXSPCSPARTAN6+ evaluation kit (EV kit) is designed to facilitate the use of Maxim ADCs and DACs with any evaluation board made for Xilinx® Spartan® 6 series FPGAs. The EV kit contains the MAX11612 and MAX11040 ADCs and two cascaded MAX5135 DACs. The MAX11612 is a very-low-power, 4-channel, 2-wire, 12-bit, SAR ADC. This ADC operates with a 5V supply and has an internal reference of 4.096V.

The MAX11040 is an SPI™-compatible, 4-channel, simultaneous-sampling, cascadable, 24-bit, sigma-delta ADC. The MAX5135 is the industry's smallest, 12-bit, voltage-output DAC.


  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Automatic Tuning
  • Battery-Powered Test Equipment
  • Communication Systems
  • Data Acquisition
  • Gain and Offset Adjustment
  • Handheld Portable Applications
  • Industrial Data Acquisition Systems
  • Medical Instruments
  • Multiphase Power Systems
  • Portable Instrumentation
  • Power Protection Relay Equipment
  • Power-Amplifier Control
  • Process Control and Servo Loops
  • Programmable Voltage and Current Sources
  • Received-Signal-Strength Indicators
  • Solar-Powered Remote Systems
  • System Supervision

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