500Msps, 8-Bit ADC with Track/Hold

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8-Bit ADC Has 7.0 Effective Bits at 250Msps

Part Details
  • 500Msps Conversion Rate
  • 7.0 Effective Bits Typical at 250MHz
  • 1.2GHz Analog Input Bandwidth
  • Less than ±1/2 LSB INL
  • 50Ω Differential or Single-Ended Inputs
  • ±250mV Input Signal Range
  • Ratiometric Reference Inputs
  • Dual Latched Output Data Paths
  • Low Error Rate, Less than 10-15 Metastable States
  • 84-Pin Ceramic Flat Pack
Additional Details
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The MAX101A ECL-compatible, 500Msps, 8-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) allows accurate digitizing of analog signals from DC to 250MHz (Nyquist frequency). Dual monolithic converters, driven by the track/hold (T/H), operate on opposite clock edges (time interleaved). Designed with Maxim's proprietary advanced bipolar processes, the MAX101A contains a high-performance T/H amplifier and two quantizers in an 84-pin ceramic flat pack.

The innovative design of the internal T/H ensures an exceptionally wide 1.2GHz input bandwidth and aperture delay uncertainty of less than 2ps, resulting in a high 7.0 effective bits at the Nyquist frequency. Special comparator output design and decoding circuitry reduce out-of-sequence code errors. The probability of erroneous codes due to metastable states is reduced to less than 1 error per 1015 clock cycles. And, unlike other ADCs that can have errors resulting in false full-scale or zero-scale outputs, the MAX101A keeps the error magnitude to less than 1 LSB.

The analog input is designed for either differential or single-ended use with a ±250mV range. Sense pins for the reference input allow full-scale calibration of the input range or facilitate ratiometric use.

Phase adjustment is available to adjust the relative sampling of the converter halves for optimizing converter performance. Input clock phasing is also available for interleaving several MAX101As for higher effective sampling rates.


  • Communication Systems
  • High-Energy Physics
  • High-Speed Digital Instrumentation
  • High-Speed Signal Processing
  • Medical Systems
  • Radar/Signal Processing

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