Dual Channel 6A, 20V PolyPhase Silent Switcher 2 Step-Down Regulator with Digital Power System Management

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  • Silent Switcher®2 Architecture: Enables Compact, Efficient, low EMI Solution
  • PMBus/I2C Serial Interface
    • Telemetry Read Back Includes VOUT, IOUT, VIN, Die Temperature, Faults
    • Programmable Voltage, Current Limit, Digital Soft-Start/Stop, Sequencing, UV/OV, Phase, Frequency (Up to 4MHz), Loop Compensation
    • Integrated EEPROM with Fault Event Log
  • Key Parameters May Be Set by Configuration Resistors for Operation without Programming
  • ±0.25% Output Voltage Accuracy Over Temperature for 0.6V to 1.375V
  • PolyPhase Load Sharing for Up to Eight Phases
  • Wide VIN Range: Down to 2.9V, or 1.5V with EXTVCC
  • Up to 95% Efficiency at 1MHz, 12VIN to 3.3VOUT
  • VOUT Range 0.4V to 5.5V (Up to 0.85 • VIN)
  • Differential Remote VOUT Sense
  • External Frequency Synchronization
  • 40-lead (5mm × 7mm) LQFN Package
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The LT7182S is a dual-output monolithic PolyPhase DC/DC synchronous step-down regulator. It can deliver up to 6A of continuous current from both channels simultaneously and can support loads up to 8A from either channel. The LT7182S features the second generation Silent Switcher® architecture with integrated VIN bypass capacitors for fast, clean, low-overshoot switching edges delivering high efficiency at high switching frequencies while minimizing EMI emissions.

The I2C-based PMBus 1.3 compliant serial interface enables control of device functions and provides telemetry information for system monitoring. The LT7182S is supported by the LTpowerPlay® graphical user interface tool.

Output voltage, frequency, phase, and device address can be configured using resistors for operation without programming. Settings may also be written via the serial interface and/or stored in EEPROM.

The controlled on-time valley current mode control architecture with 20ns (typical) minimum on-time enables high switching frequency at low output voltage with excellent transient response in a small overall solution size.


  • Communications, Storage, and Industrial Systems
  • Data Center and Solid State Drive Power Supplies
Part Models 1
1ku List Price Starting From $6.36

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LT7182S | Dual Channel 6A, 20V, PolyPhase Step-Down Silent Switcher with Digital Power System Management



LT7182S | Dual Channel 6A, 20V, PolyPhase Step-Down Silent Switcher with Digital Power System Management

LT7182S | Dual Channel 6A, 20V, PolyPhase Step-Down Silent Switcher with Digital Power System Management

Product Detail

Demonstration Circuit 2836A is a dual-output PolyPhase® DC/DC synchronous step-down regulator with 4V to 20V input range featuring LT7182S. Each output can supply 6A continuous/9A maximum transient load current. LT7182S is a dual 6A monolithic step-down regulator utilizing second-generation Silent Switcher® technology to minimize EMI and reduce PCB layout sensitivity. It also integrates digital power system management function allowing for programmability and telemetry with a PMBus/I2C compliant serial interface. Please see LT7182S data sheet for more detailed information.

The demonstration circuit 2836A runs at 1MHz to minimize solution size. The peak efficiency at 12V input is 83.2% for 1.2V rail and 91.1% for 3.3V rail. The IC temperature rise is 70°C when both channels run at full load, 6A each, at 1MHz.

The demo board has EMI filters installed for both channels. The conducted and radiated EMI performances of the board (with EMI filters) are shown in Figure 2 of the demo manual. The red lines in Figure 2 are CISPR25 CLASS 5 limit.

DC2836A powers up to default settings and produces power based on configuration resistors without the need for any serial bus communication. This allows easy evaluation of the DC/DC converter. To fully explore the power system management features of the part, download the GUI software LTpowerPlay® onto your PC and use ADI’s I2C/SMBus/PMBus dongle DC1613A to connect to the board. LTpowerPlay allows the user to reconfigure the part on the fly and store the configuration in EEPROM, view telemetry of voltage, current, temperature and fault status.

GUI Download

The software can be downloaded from: LTpowerPlay 

The LT7182S data sheet gives a complete description of the part, operation and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with the demo manual for DC2836A.

For more details and instructions of LTpowerPlay, please refer to LTpowerPlay GUI for LT7182S Quick Start Guide.

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LTspice® is a powerful, fast and free simulation software, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of analog circuits.

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