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5 Volt, 3 Amp Voltage Regulator

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Part Details
  • Guaranteed 1% Initial Tolerance of Output Voltage
  • 3 Amp Output Current
  • 30 Watt
  • Full Internal Overload Protection
  • 100% Burn-in in Thermal Limit
Additional Details
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The "K" Package has been Obsoleted

The LT123A/LT323A is an improved version of the popular LM123/LM323 5 Volt, 3 Amp Regulator. These new devices offer maximum initial output voltage tolerance of 1% and maintain a maximum tolerance of 3% over worst case operating conditions. Line and load regulation are also improved by a factor of 2. These tightened specifications ease design and application problems since safety margins are improved. Also, error budgets in other parts of the system can be expanded, and output voltages at the end of long supply runs can be more accurately maintained.

The LT123A/LT323A incorporates our advanced design, process and test techniques for improved quality and reliability over similar device types. Specifically, all devices are burned in by shorting the output, thereby forcing the regulator into its current limit and eventually, thermal limit. This ensures that all device protection features are functional. A graph of the worst case output voltage, taking into account temperature, load and line variations, and power dissipation is shown below. For higher output current requirements, see the LT1003, 5V, 5A regulator data sheet.


  • Local 5V Regulators
  • On Card Regulation
  • Lab Supplies
  • Instrumentation Supplies

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