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Wideband RMS-DC Converter Building Block

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Part Details
  • Obsolete: Datasheet For Reference Only. Contact Analog Devices For Potential Replacement
  • 300MHz 3dB Bandwidth
  • 1% Accuracy DC-50MHz
  • 2% to 100MHz
  • Bandwidth Flat Over Input Voltage Range
  • 50:1 Crest Factor
  • 20:1 Dynamic Range
  • 35V Peak Input
  • Thermally Based Operation
  • Fully Specified Thermal and Electrical Parameters
  • Standard IC Packages
  • Resistive Inputs
Additional Details
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The LT1088 is a thermally based RMS-DC converter building block.  It converts the input waveform to heat. Using external circuitry, the thermal signal is expressed as a DC output voltage.

LTC's proprietary thermal packaging process permits accurate thermal signal processing in a standard IC package.  The thermal method provides far greater bandwidth than RMS converters based on logarithmic computing techniques. The LT1088's high voltage breakdown allows crest factor measurements of 50:1 and operation over a 20:1 input dynamic range. Resistive inputs of 50Ω or 250Ω accommodate drive from a wide variety of sources.


  • Wideband RMS Voltmeters
  • RF Leveling Loops
  • Wideband AGC
  • High Crest Factor Measurements
  • SCR Power Monitoring

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