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Part Details
  • Obsolete Product: Datasheet For Reference Purposes Only. Contact Analog Devices for Potential Replacement
  • Two Regulated Outputs:
    • 12V at 3A
    • 5V at 75mA
  • 2% Output Voltage Tolerance
  • 60dB Ripple Rejection
  • 0.7% Load Regulation
  • TTL and CMOS Compatible Logic Control
  • 100% Thermal Burn-In on All Devices
Additional Details
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Obsolete Product: Data Sheet For Reference Only. Contact Analog Devices for Potential Replacement

The LT1036 features two positive regulators in the same package. The 12V main regulator offers excellent performance while supplying load currents up to 3A, and the 5V auxiliary regulator provides similar performance while supplying lighter loads of 75mA. The main regulator has the additional feature of being under the shutdown control of a logic signal. When the enable pin is taken to a low logic level, the main regulator shuts down and its output voltage goes to near 0V. During this command, the auxiliary output is unaffected by the main regulator’s condition and continues to provide a 5V output.

The main output has current and power limiting combined with thermal shutdown to make it virtually blowout proof. The auxiliary output is not affected by the thermal shut down mechanism or the state of the main output, allowing it to be used as a back-up in case of overloads or shorts on the main supply.

The logic input of the LT1036 (enable pin) has a 1.6V threshold and can be driven from a high source impedance. This allows it to be driven by most logic families, including TTL and CMOS.

For a dual 5V version of the LT1036, please see the LT1035 data sheet.


  • Power Supply Sequencing
  • Remote On/Off Power Control
  • Selective System Power During Emergency Power Operation
  • Memory Power Supply with Back-Up

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