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Micropower Voltage Reference

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Part Details
  • 10µA to 20mA Operating Range
  • Guaranteed 1% Initial Voltage Tolerance
  • Guaranteed 1Ω Dynamic Impedance
  • Very Low Power Consumption
Additional Details
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The LM185-1.2 is a two terminal band gap reference diode that has been designed for applications which require precision performance with micropower operation. The device provides guaranteed operating specifications at currents as low as 10µA. The nominal voltage is 1.235V with both 1% and 2% tolerances available. Some additional features are: maximum dynamic impedance of 1Ω, low noise and excellent stability over time and temperature. Advanced design, processing and testing techniques make the LM185-1.2 a superior choice over previous designs. A micropower 5V reference application is shown below. For guaranteed TC, micropower references, see the LT1034 data sheet.


  • Portable Meter References
  • Portable Test Instruments
  • Battery Operated Systems
  • Current Loop Instrumentation

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