Part Details
  • Single element 256-position linear taper potentiometer
  • Supports potentiometer terminal working voltages up to 11V
  • Potentiometer terminal voltage independent of supply voltage
  • Potentiometer wiper position controlled and read over minimal 1-Wire bus interface
  • 100 kΩ resistor element value
  • T0-92 package provides a 1-Wire® variable resistor configuration
  • Supports Conditional Search based on power-on default wiper position
  • Multiple DS2890's can be identified on a common 1-Wire bus and operated independently
  • Unique factory lasered 64-bit registration number assures error free device selection and absolute part identity
  • Built-in multi-drop controller ensures compatibility with other 1-Wire Network products
  • Supports Overdrive mode which boosts communication speed up to 142 kbits per second
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • 2.8V – 6.0V operating voltage range
Additional Details
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The DS2890 is a linear taper digitally controlled potentiometer with 256 wiper positions. Device operation, including wiper position, is controlled over the single contact 1-Wire bus for the ultimate in electrical interface simplicity. With a wide 0–11 volt working voltage range for the potentiometer terminals, the DS2890 is ideal for a broad range of industrial and control applications. Potentiometer terminal voltage is independent of device supply voltage as well as the voltage applied to the other potentiometer terminals. Communication with the DS2890 follows the standard Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire protocol and can be accomplished with minimal hardware such as a single port pin of a microcontroller. Multiple DS2890 devices can reside on a common 1-Wire bus and be operated independently of each other. Each DS2890 has its own unalterable 64-bit ROM registration number that is factory lasered into the chip. The registration number guarantees unique identification for absolute traceability and is used to address the device in a multi-drop 1-Wire Network environment. The DS2890 will respond to a 1-Wire Conditional Search command if the potentiometer wiper is set at the power-on default position. This feature enables the bus master to easily determine whether a potentiometer has gone through a power-on reset and needs to be re-configured with a required wiper position setting. The DS2890 supports two power modes: a) 1-Wire only mode in which device power is supplied parasitically from the 1-Wire and b) VDD mode where power is supplied from an external supply With a VDD supply the device can support both a potentiometer and variable resistor configuration. When operating in a 1-Wire only power mode the device supports only a variable resistor configuration.

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