JTAG Multiplexer/Switch

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Fully MicroTCA™-Compliant JTAG Multiplexer/Switch

Part Details
  • Efficient Solution for Star Architecture JTAG
  • Provides Transparent Communications Between the Arbitrated Master and a Selected Secondary Port
  • Single-Package Solution Provides 18 Secondary Ports
  • Two-Package Cascade Configuration Provides 36 Secondary Ports
  • Three Arbitrated Master Ports
  • Autodetection of Port Presence
  • Internal Pullup/Down Resistors
  • Two 32-Bit Scratchpad Registers
  • Four GPIO Pins for Read/Write Control and Signaling Applications
  • Operation Up to 50MHz
  • Signal Path Modification Options
  • Redundancy with High-Impedance Pin
  • Independent Periphery JTAG
  • Configuration Mode Uses IEEE 1149.1 TAP Controller
  • Supports Live Insertion/Withdrawal
  • 3.3V Operation
  • Industrial Temperature Operation
  • RoHS-Compliant Packaging
Additional Details
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The DS26900 is a JTAG signal multiplexer providing connectivity between one of three master ports and up to 18 (36 in cascade configuration) secondary ports. The device is fully configurable from any one of the three master ports. The DS26900 can automatically detect the presence JTAG devices on the secondary ports.

The DS26900 can be used in multiple configurations including as a single device, two cascaded devices, or two redundant devices.

All device control and configuration is accomplished through standard JTAG operations via the selected master port.


  • AMC Carrier Cards
  • ATCA® Chassis
  • JSM Modules
  • MicroTCA™ Chassis
  • System Level JTAG

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