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12-bit 216MHz Video Encoder with NSV

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Part Details
  • 16x Oversampling at 216MHz
  • Six 12-bit Noise Shaped Video (NSV) DACs
  • SD, Progressive, High Definition and RGB I/O support
Additional Details
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The ADV7311 is a digital-to-analog video encoder for standard definition, progressive scan and high definition video. The ADV7311 converts a wide variety of digital video formats into analog CVBS, S-Video, YPbPr or RGB video signals.

The ADV7311 has separate 8-/10-/16-/20-bit input ports that accept data in high definition and/or standard definition video format. For all standards, external horizontal, vertical, and blanking signals or EAV/SAV timing codes control the insertion of appropriate synchronization signals into the digital data stream and therefore the output signal.


  • High End DVD
  • High End PS DVD Recorders/Players
  • SD/Prog Scan/HDTV Display Devices
  • SD/HDTV Set Top Boxes
  • Professional Video Systems

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