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96-Bit, 220 MHz True-Color Video RAM-DAC in 160-pin QFP

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Part Details
  • 96-Bit Pixel Port for 1600 × 1280 × 24 Screen Resolution
  • 220 MHz, 24-Bit (30-Bit Gamma Corrected) True-Color
  • Triple 10-Bit "Gamma Correcting" D/A Converters
  • 2% (max) DAC to DAC Color Matching
  • Triple 256 × 10 (256 × 30) Color Palette RAM
  • On-Board User Definable Cursor (64 × 64 × 2)
  • Three Color Overlay
  • Cursor Palette RAM
  • Fully Programmable On-Board PLL
  • RS-343A/RS-170 Compatible RGB Analog Outputs
  • Tri-Level SYNC Functionality
  • TTL Compatible Digital Inputs
Additional Details
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The ADV7160/ADV7162® is a 96-bit pixel port Video RAM-DAC with color enhanced triple 10-bit DACs. The device also includes a PLL and 64 x 64 hardware cursor. The ADV7160/ ADV7162 is specifically designed for use in the graphics sub-system of high performance, color graphics workstations and windows accelerators.

The ADV7160/ADV7162 integrates a number of graphic functions onto one device allowing 24-bit direct True-Color (30-bit Corrected-Color) operation at the maximum screen resolution of 1600 x 1280 at a refresh rate of 85Hz. The ADV7160/ ADV7162 integrates a 256 x 30 Color Palette RAM with three high speed, 10-bit, digital-to analog converters (RGB DACs). It also contains a user-definable, X-Windows compatible, 64 x 64 x 2 cursor generator and associated RAM. An on-board Overlay Palette RAM is also included. The device's 96-bit Programmable Pixel Port enables various data formats to be input to the part. An on-board clock and synchronization circuit controls all clocking functions for both the part and graphics subsystem.

There are two video data paths through the ADV7160/ADV7162. One routes the data from the pixel port through the RAM to the DACs, the other bypasses the RAM and routes data direct from the pixel port to the DACs. Either path can be selected on a pixel by pixel basis. This allows for the overlay of an active video window on a graphics background.

The on-board palette priority select inputs enable multiple palette devices to be connected together for use in multipalette and window applications. The part is controlled and programmed through the microprocessor (MPU) port.

The 30 bits of resolution, associated with the color look-up table and triple 10-bit DAC, realizes 24-bit True-Color resolution, while also allowing for the on-board implementation of linearization algorithms, such as Gamma-Correction and Monitor Callibration. This allows effective 30-bit True-Color operation.

The on-chip video clock controller circuit generates all the internal clocking and some additional external clocking signals. The high accuracy, low jitter on board PLL eliminates the need for an external high speed clock generator. The PLL can be programmed to produce a pixel clock that is a multiple of the PLL reference clock.

The ADV7162 is packaged in a standard plastic 160-pin quad flatpack (QFP).

The ADV7160 is packaged in a plastic 160-pin power quad flatpack (PQUAD). Superior thermal distribution is achieved by the inclusion of a copper heatslug, within the standard package outline, to which the die is attached. This part is ideally suited for high performance applications where external environmental conditions are unpredictable and uncontrollable.

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