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A complete analog output, video DAC on a single CMOS (ADV®) monolithic chip

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Part Details
  • 192-Bit Pixel Port Allows 2048 3 2048 3 24 Screen Resolution
  • 360 MHz, 24-Bit True-Color Operation
  • Triple 8-Bit D/A Converters
  • 8:1 Multiplexing
  • Onboard PLL
  • RS-343A/RS-170 Compatible Analog Outputs
  • TTL Compatible Digital Inputs
  • Internal Voltage Reference
  • Standard 8-Bit MPU I/O Interface
  • DAC-DAC Matching: Typ 2%, Adjustable to 0.02%
  • +5 V CMOS Monolithic Construction
  • 304-Pin PQFP Package
Additional Details
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The ADV7129 is a complete analog output, video DAC on a single CMOS (ADV®) monolithic chip. The part is specifically designed for use in the highest resolution graphics and imaging systems. The ultimate level of integration, comprised of 360 MHz triple 8-bit DACs, a programmable pixel port, an internal voltage reference and an onboard PLL, makes the ADV7129 the only choice for the very highest level of performance and functionality.

The device consists of three high speed, 8-bit, video D/A converters (RGB). An onboard phase locked loop clock generator is provided to provide high speed operation without requiring high speed external crystal or clock circuitry.

The part is fully controlled through the MPU port by the on-board command registers. This MPU port may be updated at any time without causing sparkle effects on the screen.

The ADV7129 supports 24-bit true-color formats where screen resolution is the primary design goal. The individual Red, Green and Blue pixel input ports allow true-color image rendition at resolutions of 2048 x 2048 x 24 bit.

The ADV7129 is capable of generating RGB video output signals that are compatible with RS-343A and RS-170 video standards, without requiring external buffering.

An internal voltage reference is also provided to simplify system design.

The ADV7129 is fabricated in a +5 V CMOS process.

The ADV7129 is packaged in a 304-pin PQFP package.

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