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Features and Benefits

  • Programmable Quality Box
  • Industrial Temperature Range (ADV612)
  • Hardware Frame Rate Reduction
  • 100% Bitstream Compatible with with the ADV601 and ADV601LC
  • Precise Compressed Bit Rate Control
  • General Purpose 16- or 32-bit Host Interface with 512 Deep 32-bit FIFO
  • See data sheet for additional features

Product Details

The ADV611 and ADV612 are a low cost, single chip, dedicated function, all digital CMOS VLSI devices capable of supporting visually loss-less to 7500:1 real-time compression and decompression of CCIR-601 digital video at very high image quality levels. The chips integrate glueless video and host interfaces with on-chip SRAM to permit low part count, system level implementations suitable for a broad range of applications. The ADV611 and ADV612 are 100% bitstream compatible with the ADV601.

Product Categories

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