Features and Benefits

  • 600 kHz PWM Frequency
  • Frequency Synchronizable up to 750 kHz
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.8 V to 5 V
  • Tri-mode Operation Enables Higher Efficiency
  • Automatic PWM to Variable Frequency Control at Light Load
  • Fully Integrated 600 mA Power Switch
  • Fully Integrated Soft Start and Shutdown
  • 3% Output Regulation Accuracy Over Line, Load, and Temp
  • Simple Loop Compensation
  • Space Saving MSOP-8 Package
  • Small Inductor and MLC Capacitors
  • Undervoltage Lockout

Product Details

The ADP3051 is a high frequency, general purpose synchronous buck switching regulator capable of 500 mA continuous output current in an MSOP-8 package. It provides high efficiency, excellent dynamic response, and is very simple to use. The switching frequency is nominally 600 kHz - synchronizable to 750 kHz - and allows for small, cost-saving external inductive and capacitive components. The current mode control loop is simple to compensate. Featuring a patented tri-mode, variable-frequency control technique, it operates in normal PWM current mode under heavy loads, and saves energy at lighter loads by switching automatically into a two level power-saving mode. Soft start and shutdown are integrated completely on chip, as is the power switch.

The ADP3051 supports output voltages as low as 0.8 V, while operating from a 2.5 to 5.5 V input, and is optimized for portable consumer and communications applications where long battery life and low power consumption are required. The ADP3051's low-voltage operation and 3 percent output regulation accuracy over line, load and temperature make it ideal for today's low voltage rails, providing the optimal solution for delivering power precisely and efficiently with minimal printed circuit board area.


  • PDAs and Palmtop Computers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Portable Instruments

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