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High Efficiency Step-Down Switching Regulator Controllers

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Part Details
  • Greater Than 95% Efficiency
  • Shutdown Pin
  • Current Mode Switching Architecture Provides Superior Load and Line Transient Response
  • Low Dropout Voltage
  • Low Standby Current 160 µA typ
  • Wide Input Voltage Range 3.5 V* to 16 V
  • Low Cost
  • User Defined Current Limit
  • Available in 8-Lead PDIP
    or 8-Lead SOIC
  • Short Circuit Protection
Additional Details
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The ADP1147 is part of a family of High Efficiency Step-Down Switching Regulators. These regulators offer superior load and line transient response, a user defined current limit and an automatic power savings mode. The automatic power savings mode is used to maintain efficiency at lower output currents. The ADP1147 incorporates a constant off-time, current mode switching architecture to drive an external P-channel MOSFET at frequencies up to 250 kHz. Constant off-time switching erates a constant ripple current in the external inductor. This results in a wider input voltage operating range of 3.5 V* to 16 V, and a less complex circuit design.

*3.5 volt operation is for the ADP1147-3.3.

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