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Micropower DC- DC Converter Adjustable and Fixed 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V

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Part Details
  • Operates at Supply Voltages From 2.0V to 30V
  • User-Adjustable Current Limit
  • Consumes Only 110 mA Supply Current
  • Internal 1 A Power Switch
  • Fixed or Adjustable Output
    Voltage Versions
  • Step-Up or Step-Down Mode Operation
  • 8-Pin DIP or SO-8 Package
  • Minimum External Components Required
  • Low Battery Detector Comparator On-Chip
Additional Details
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The ADP1108 is a highly versatile micropower switch- mode dc- dc converter that operates from an input voltage supply as low as 2.0 V and typically starts up from 1.8 V.

The ADP1108 can be programmed into a step- up or step- down dc- to- dc converter with only three external components. The fixed outputs are 3.3 V, 5 V and 12 V. An adjustable version is also available. In step- up mode, supply voltage range is 2.0 V to 12 V, and 30 V in step- down mode. The ADP1108 can deliver 150 mA at 5 V from a 2 AA cell input and 300 mA at 5 V from a 9 V input in step- down mode. Switch current limit can be programmed with a single resistor.

For battery operated and power conscious applications, the ADP1108 offers a very low power consumption of less than 110 µA.

The auxiliary gain block available in ADP1108 can be used as a low battery detector, linear post regulator, under voltage lockout circuit or error amplifier.

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