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Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit with 4.65V Threshold Voltage, Low Supply Current and Active Low Reset Output. Upgrade for ADM698

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Part Details
  • Superior Upgrade for ADM698/ADM699, MAX698/MAX699
  • Guaranteed RESET Assertion with VCC = 1 V
  • Low 70 µA Supply Current
  • Precision 4.65 V Voltage Monitor
  • Power OK/Reset Time Delay
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Minimum Component Count
  • Performance Specified over Temperature

Additional Details
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The ADM8698/ADM8699 supervisory circuits provide power supply monitoring and watchdog timing for microprocessor systems.

The ADM8698 monitors the 5 V VCC power supply and generates a RESET pulse during power up, power down and during low voltage “Brown Out” conditions. The RESET output is guaranteed to be functional (logic low) with VCC as low as 1 V.

The ADM8699 features an identical monitoring circuit as in the ADM8698, plus an additional watchdog timer input to monitor microprocessor activity. The RESET output is forced low if the watchdog input is not toggled within the 1 second watchdog timeout period.

Both parts are available in 8-pin plastic DIP/SOIC and 16-lead SOIC packages. The 16-lead SOIC contains additional outputs RESET (without inversion) and Watchdog Output WDO (ADM8699 only).

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