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Microprocessor Supervisory in SOT-23 with Active High Push-Pull Output

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Part Details
  • Reliable low cost voltage monitor with reset output
  • Suitable for monitoring 2.5 V, 3 V, 3.3 V, and 5 V power supply voltages
  • Reset threshold levels: 4.62 V, 4.35 V, 3.06 V, 2.88 V, 2.55 V, 2.31 V, and 2.18 V typical
  • Active high and low push-pull output choices: ADM1810, ADM1812, ADM1815, and ADM1817
  • Open-drain with internal pull-up resistor output choices: ADM1811, ADM1813, ADM1816, and ADM1818
  • Can be used with a manual push-button to generate a reset: ADM1813, ADM1818
  • Initialization of microprocessor systems with added safety
  • Available in 3-lead SOT-23 and SC70 packages

Additional Details
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The ADM181x range of voltage monitoring circuits can be used in any application where an electronic system needs to be reset when a voltage increases above or below a predetermined value.

Because of the “reset delay time” incorporated into the ADM181x series, these devices can provide a safe startup for electronic systems. Before a system initializes, the power supply must stabilize.

Using the ADM181x series ensures that there are typically 150 ms for the power supply to stabilize before the system is reset and safe system initialization begins.

The ADM181x series of microprocessor reset circuits are available in low cost, space-saving SOT-23 packages.

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