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Precision Dual Voltage Regulator Controller

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Part Details
  • Two Independent Controllers on One Chip
  • 1.515 V and 1.818 V Outputs
  • Shutdown Inputs to Control Each Channel
  • Compatible with PC Motherboard TYPEDET Signal
  • ±2.5% Accuracy Over, Line, Load, and Temperature
  • Works with External N-Channel MOSFETs for Low Cost
  • Low Quiescent Current
  • Low Shutdown Current
  • “Hiccup Mode” Fault Protection
  • Small, 8-Lead SOIC Package
  • No External Voltage or Current Setting Resistors
  • 1.8 V/3.3 V ICH Sequenced Power-Up on ADM1051A
Additional Details
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The ADM1051 is a dual, precision, voltage regulator controller intended for power rail generation and active bus termination on personal computer motherboards. It contains a precision 1.2 V bandgap reference and two channels consisting of control amplifiers driving external power devices. Each channel has a shutdown input to turn off amplifier output and Hiccup Mode protection circuitry for the external power device. The shutdown input on the 1.5 V channel can also be used with the TYPEDET signal on a PC motherboard to select the output voltage.

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