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I2C® Compatible, Wide Bandwidth, Triple 2x2 Crosspoint Switch

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Part Details
  • Bandwidth: 230 MHz
  • Low Insertion Loss and On Resistance: 2.6 Ω Typical
  • On Resistance Flatness: 0.3 Ω Typical
  • Single 3 V/5 V Supply Operation
  • 3.3 V Analog Signal Range (5 V Supply, 75 Ω Load)
  • Low Quiescent Supply Current: 1 nA Typical
  • Fast Switching Times:
    tON 184 ns
    tOFF 180 ns
  • I2C-Compatible Interface
  • Compact 24-lead LFCSP
Additional Details
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The ADG799A/ADG799G are monolithic CMOS devices comprising three 2x2 crosspoint switches controllable via a standard I2C serial interface. The CMOS process provides ultralow power dissipation, yet offers high switching speed and low on resistance.

The on resistance profile is very flat over the full analog input range and wide bandwidth ensures excellent linearity and low distortion. These features, combined with a wide input signal range, make the ADG799A/ADG799G the ideal switching solution for a wide range of TV applications including RGB and YPbPr video switches for picture-in picture applications. The switches conduct equally well in both directions when on. In the off condition, signal levels up to the supplies are blocked. The ADG799A/ADG799G switches exhibit break-before-make switching action. The ADG799G has two general-purpose logic output pins controlled by the I2C interface that can also be used to control other non I2C compatible devices such as video filters.

The integrated I2C interface provides a large degree of flexibility in the system design. It has three user-adjustable I2C address pins that allow up to eight devices on the same bus. This allows the user to expand the capability of the device by increasing the size of the switching array.

The ADG799A/ADG799G operate from single 3 V or 5 V supply voltages and are available in a compact, 4 mm x 4 mm body, 24-lead, lead-free LFCSP.

  • RGB/YPbPr Video Switches
  • HDTV
  • Projection TV
  • DVD-R/RW
  • AV Receivers
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