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Narrow-Band Power-Line Communications Master Modem IC with Networking Stack

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Part Details
  • Narrow-band power line communications IC
    Integrates PHY through networking layer
  • Up to 800 bps on a 1-phase network and 2400 bps on a 3-phase 50 Hz power network
  • Application layer
    Supports DL/T 645 1997 or 2007 China-specific protocol as well as passthrough option
  • Networking layer
    Master/slave architecture
    Designed to work with ADE8155 slave PLC modem ICs Supports:
    Dynamic routing
    Automatic discovery of authenticated devices
    Logical address management
  • Data link layer
  • Automatic baud rate negotiation
  • Physical layer
    CPFSK modulation Choice of two frequency bands - Carrier frequencies: 105.5 kHz and 118.7 kHz or 74.9 kHz and 84.2 kHz
  • See data sheet for additional details

Additional Details
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The ADE8165 is part of a very robust FSK power-line communications solution complete with networking functionality. The ADE8165 master modem IC, is designed to work with the ADE8155 slave modem IC for a complete power-line communication system.

For more information on the ADE8165, contact your local sales office at Analog Devices, Inc.

In an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) scenario, the ADE8155 slave modem IC is used to connect the energy meter to the power line. Then the ADE8165 master PLC modem is used meters on one phase. The power-line communication is independent on each phase; therefore, three ADE8165 master PLC modem ICs are used in a PLC module within the concentrator to read meters on all three phase.

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