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CCD Signal Processor with PrecisionTiming™ Generator

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Part Details
  • 36 MSPS Correlated Doubler Sampler (CDS)
  • 12-Bit 36 MHz A/D Converter
  • On-Chip Vertical Driver for CCD Image Sensor
  • On-Chip Horizontal Driver for CCD Image Sensor
  • 6 dB to 40 dB Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA)
  • Black Level Clamp w/ Variable Level Control
  • Complete On-Chip Timing Generator
  • Precision TimingTM Core w/
    0.58 ns Resolution
  • 2-Phase H-Clock Modes
  • 4-Phase Vertical Transfer Clocks
  • Electronic and Mechanical Shutter Modes
  • On-Chip Sync Generator w/ External
    Sync Option
Additional Details
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The AD9929 is a highly integrated CCD signal processor for digital still camera and digital video camera applications. It includes a complete analog front end with A/D conversion, combined with a full-function, programmable timing generator. The AD9929 also includes horizontal and vertical clock drivers, which allow direct connection to the CCD image sensor.

The AD9929 is specified at pixel rates of up to 36 MHz. The analog front end includes black level clamping, a CDS, a VGA, and a 12-bit A/D converter. The timing generator provides all the necessary CCD clocks: RG-clock, H-clocks, V-clocks, sensor gate pulses, a substrate clock, and a substrate bias pulse. Operation is programmed using a 3-wire serial interface.

The AD9929 is packaged in a 64-lead CSPBGA. It is specified over an operating temperature range of −25°C to +85°C.

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