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Analog Front End Converter for Set-Top Box, Cable Modem

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Part Details
  • Low-Cost 3.3 V CMOS Analog Front End Converter for MCNS-DOCSIS,DVB,
    DAVIC-Compliant Set-Top Box,Cable Modem Applications
  • 232 MHz Quadrature Digital Upconverter
    -DC to 65 MHz Output Bandwidth
    -12-Bit Direct IF D/A Converter (TxDAC+®)
    -Programmable Reference Clock Multiplier (PLL)
    -Direct Digital Synthesis
    -SIN(x)/x Compensation Filter
  • 12-Bit, 33 MSPS Sampling Direct IF A/D Converter with Auxiliary Automatic Clamp
    Video Input Multiplexer
  • 10-Bit, 33 MSPS Sampling Direct IF A/D Converter
  • Dual 8-Bit, 16.5 MSPS Sampling IQ A/D Converter
  • Two Independently Programmable Sigma-Delta Converters
  • Direct Interface to AD8321/AD8323 PGA Cable Driver
  • Programmable Frequency Output
  • Power-Down Modes
Additional Details
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The AD9873 is a mixed signal front-end developed for broadband communications applications. It includes a complete 12-bit, 232 MSPS digital up-converter, 12-bit ADC, 10-bit ADC, two 8-bit ADCs, and two sigma-delta control DACs. Although it was developed for cable set top box/modem applications, it provides a combination of price and performance characteristics that are ideal for other broadband communication applications such as power line and wireless modems.


  • Cable and Satellite Systems
  • PC Multimedia
  • Digital Communications
  • Data and Video Modems
  • Cable Modem
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Powerline Modem
  • Broadband Wireless Communication
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