Part Details
  • Fully Buffered Inputs and Outputs
  • Fast Channel-Channel Switching: 4 ns
  • Single Supply Operation
  • High Speed:
    450 MHz Bandwidth (-3 dB) 2 V p-p
    >1600 V/ µs Slew Rate G = +1
    Fast Settling Time of 6 ns to 0.1%
  • Low Power: <20 mA
  • Excellent Video Specifications (RL=150 Ω ):
    0.05% Differential Gain Error
    0.05° Differential Phase Error Low Glitch
  • "All Hostile" Crosstalk -84 dB @ 5 MHz
  • "All Hostile" Crosstalk -52 dB @ 100 MHz
  • High "OFF" Isolation of -84dB @ 5MHz
  • Low Cost
  • Fast High Impedance Disable Feature
    for Connecting Multiple Outputs
  • Logic Shifted Outputs
Additional Details
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The AD8186 (G = +1) is a high-speed single supply Triple 2-to-1 multiplexer. It offers -3 dB large signal bandwidth of over 450 MHz along with a slew rate in excess of 1600 V/µs. With better than -84 dB of all hostile crosstalk and 90 dB isolation, it is useful in many high speed applications. The differential gain and differential phase error of 0.05% and 0.05°, along with 0.1 dB flatness to 90 MHz makes the AD8186 ideal for professional and component video multiplexing. It offers a 4 ns switching time making it an excellent choice for switching video signals, while consuming less than 20 mA on +5 V supply voltage (100 mW).

The AD8186 has a high speed disable feature that sets the outputs into a high impedance state. This allows the building of larger input arrays while minimizing "OFF" channel output loading. The device is offered in 24 lead TSSOP package.

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