Features and Benefits

  • 750 kHz/1 MHz Throughput Rate
  • 1 µs/750 ns Conversion Time
  • 12-Bit No Missed Codes Over Temperature
  • 67 dB SNR at 100 kHz Input Frequency
  • Low Power—250 mW typ
  • Fast Bus Access Time—57 ns max

Product Details

The AD7886 is a 12-bit ADC with a sample-and-hold amplifier offering high speed performance combined with low power dissipation. The AD7886 is a triple pass flash ADC that uses 15 comparators in a 4-bit flash technique to achieve 12-bit accuracy in 1 µs/750 ns conversion time. An on-chip clock oscillator provides the appropriate timing for each of the three conversion stages, eliminating the need for any external clocks. Acquisition time of the sample-and-hold amplifier gives a resulting throughput rate of 750 kHz/1 MHz.

The AD7886 operates from ±5 V power supplies. Pin-strappable inputs offer a choice of three analog input ranges: 0 V to 5 V, 0 V to 10 V or ±5 V.

In addition to the traditional dc accuracy specifications such as linearity, offset and full-scale errors, the AD7886 is also specified for dynamic performance parameters, including harmonic distortion and signal-to-noise ratio.

The AD7886 has a high speed digital interface with three-state data outputs. Conversion control is provided by a CONVST input. Data access is controlled by CS and RD inputs, standard microprocessor signals. The data access time of less than 57 ns means that the AD7886 can interface directly to most modern microprocessors, including DSP processors. The AD7886 is fabricated in Analog Devices' Linear Compatible CMOS process, a mixed technology process that combines precision bipolar circuits with low power CMOS logic.

The AD7886 is available in both a 28-pin DIP and a 28-pin leaded chip carrier.

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