Features and Benefits

  • Ultralow Drift: 20 ppm/°C max
  • High Accuracy: 2.5 V, ±5 mV max
  • Low Noise: 100 nV/√Hz
  • Noise Reduction Capability
  • Low Quiescent Current: 1 mA max
  • Output Trim Capability
  • Plug-in Upgrade for Present References
  • Temperature Output PIN
  • Series or Shunt Mode Operation 2.5 V

Product Details

The AD780S is an ultrahigh precision bandgap reference voltage which provides a 2.5 V output from inputs between 4.0 V and 36 V. Low initial error and temperature drift combined with low output noise and the ability to drive any value of capacitance make the AD780S the ideal choice for enhancing the performance of high resolution ADCs and DACs and for any general purpose precision reference application.

The AD780S can be used to source up to 10 mA and can be used in series or shunt mode, thus allowing positive or negative output voltages without external components. This makes it suitable for virtually any high performance reference application. Unlike some competing references, the AD780S has no "region of possible instability." The part is stable under all load conditions when a 1 µF bypass capacitor is used on the supply.

A temperature output pin is provided on the AD780S. This provides an output voltage that varies linearly with temperature, allowing the AD780 to be configured as a temperature transducer while providing a stable 2.5 V output.

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