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2 Ch HD Audio Codec Single Chip

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Part Details
  • Flexible OS support
  • Integrated HD Audio interface
  • Low risk vendor selection and source of supply
  • Fast time to market
  • True stereo microphone capture
  • Peripheral sensing/enumeration
  • GPIO for external control
  • Digital PC BEEP
  • Drivers for: W2K, WINXP, W2K3, XP-64, W2K3-64; WHQL pre-qualified, Windows Vista
  • Windows Vista Logo compliant
  • BOM cost savings, more flexibility and better audio quality
  • Designs Inventory and Drivers available now
Additional Details
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The AD1983 audio codec and ADI device drivers interface directly with core logic chipsets supporting the HD Audio 1.0 specification. This solution is promoted under the SoundMAX brand name and comprises 2 output and 2 input channels, 1 stereo headphone port, peripheral sensing, stereo microphone array capture, SPDIF output, and driver software suite offering several features for notebook and desktop PC's.

The AD1983 is used to add analog and digital audio capabilities to computer motherboards by connecting directly to the core logic chipset. By reusing existing system resources, this solution adds flexibility, improves sound quality, reduces power consumption and lowers the system BOM cost by integrating components.

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