Part Details
  • Built-In Equalizer Function
  • Full Duplex Variable Sample Rates from 7040 Hz to 48 kHz with 1 Hz Resolution
  • Jack Sense Pins Provide Automatic Output Switching
  • Mobile Low Power Mixer Mode
  • Software Programmed VREFOUT Output for Microphones and External Power Amp
  • Extended 6-bit Master Volume Control
  • Extended 6-bit Headphone Volume Control
  • Digital Audio Mixer Mode
  • Split Power Supplies (3.3 V digital/5 V analog)
Additional Details
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The AD1981A is used to add analog and digital audio capabilities to computer motherboards by connecting directly to the AC'97 core logic chipset. By reusing existing system resources, this solution adds flexibility, improves sound quality, and lowers the system BOM cost by integrating components.

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