Energy Meter ICs

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Industry's Most Integrated Metering SoC Product Line and Best-in-Class Accuracy Performance

Part Details
  • SoC Integration and Unique Isolation Technique Reduces BOM Cost Without Sacrificing Performance
    • 0.1% Typical Accuracy Over 2000:1 Current Range
    • Exceeds IEC 62053/ANSI C12.20 Standards
    • Four-Quadrant Metering
    • 46-64Hz Line Frequency Range with the Same Calibration
    • Phase Compensation (±10°)
    • Independent 32-Bit Compute Engine
    • 32KB Flash, 3KB RAM (71M6541DT)
    • 64KB Flash, 5KB RAM (71M6541FT/71M6542FT)
    • 128KB Flash, 5KB RAM (71M6541GT/71M6542GT)
    • Built-In Flash Security
    • Up to Four Pulse Outputs with Pulse Count
    • 8-Bit MPU (80515), Up to 5 MIPS
    • Full-Speed MPU Clock in Brownout Mode
    • LCD Driver Allows Up to 6 Commons/Up to 56 Pins
    • Up to 51 Multifunction DIO Pins
    • Hardware Watchdog Timer (WDT)
    • Two UARTs for IR and AMR
    • IR LED Driver with Modulation
  • Innovative Isolation Technology (Requires Companion 71M6xxx Sensor, also from Maxim Integrated) Eliminates Current Transformers
    • Two Current Sensor Inputs with Selectable Differential Mode
    • Selectable Gain of 1 or 8 for One Current Input to Support Shunts
    • High-Speed Wh/VARh Pulse Outputs with Programmable Width
  • Digital Temperature Compensation Improves System Performance
    • Metrology Compensation
    • Accurate RTC for TOU Functions with Automatic Temperature Compensation for Crystal in All Power Modes
  • Power Management Extends Battery Life During Power Outages
    • Three Battery-Backup Modes:
      • Brownout Mode (BRN)
      • LCD Mode (LCD)
      • Sleep Mode (SLP)
  • Wake-Up on Pin Events and Wake-On Timer
    • 1µA in Sleep Mode
Additional Details
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The 71M6541DT/71M6541FT/71M6541GT/71M6542FT/71M6542GT (71M654xT) are 4th-generation single-phase metering systems-on-chips (SoCs) with a 5MHz, 8051-compatible MPU core, low-power RTC with digital temperature compensation, flash memory, and LCD driver. Our Single Converter Technology® with a 22-bit delta-sigma ADC, three or four analog inputs, digital temperature compensation, precision voltage reference, and a 32-bit computation engine (CE) support a wide range of metering applications with very few external components.

The 71M654xT devices support optional interfaces to the Maxim Integrated 71M6x01 series of isolated sensors offering BOM cost reduction, immunity to magnetic tamper, and enhanced reliability. Other features include an SPI interface, advanced power management, ultra-low-power operation in active and battery modes, 3KB/5KB shared RAM, and 32KB/64KB/128KB flash memory that can be programmed in the field with code and/or data during meter operation and the ability to drive up to six LCD segments per SEG driver pin. High processing and sampling rates combined with differential inputs offer a powerful platform for residential meters.

A complete array of code development tools, demonstration code, and reference designs enable rapid development and certification of meters that meet all ANSI and IEC electricity metering standards worldwide.

The 71M654xT family operates over the industrial temperature range and comes in 64-pin (71M6541DT/FT/GT) and 100-pin (71M6542FT/GT) lead(Pb)-free LQFP packages.


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