Energy Meter IC

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Industry's Most Integrated Metering SoC Product Line and Best-in-Class Accuracy Performance

Part Details
  • < 0.4% Wh Accuracy Over 2000:1 Current Range and Over Temperature
  • Exceeds IEC 62053/ANSI C12.20 Standards
  • Voltage Reference < 40ppm/°C
  • Four Sensor Inputs—VDD Referenced
  • Low Jitter Wh Test Output (10kHz maximum)
  • Pulse Count for Wh Pulse Output
  • Tamper Detection: Neutral Current with CT or Shunt
  • Three Battery Modes with Wake-Up on Pushbutton or Timer
    • Brownout Mode (48µA)
    • LCD Mode (5.7µA)
    • Sleep Mode (2.9µA)
  • 8KB Flash with Security
Additional Details
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The 71M6521BE is a highly integrated SoC with an MPU core, flash, and LCD driver. Teridian's Single Converter Technology® with a 22-bit, delta-sigma ADC; four analog inputs; digital temperature compensation; precision voltage reference; battery voltage monitor; and 32-bit computation engine (CE) supports a wide range of residential metering applications with very few low-cost external components. A 32kHz crystal time-base for the entire system further reduces system cost. The IC supports 2-wire single-phase residential metering along with tamper-detection mechanisms.

Maximum design flexibility is provided by multiple UARTs, I²C, MICROWIRE™, up to 14 DIO pins, and in-system programmable flash memory, which can be updated with data or application code in operation.

A complete array of ICE and development tools, programming libraries, and reference designs enable rapid development and certification of AMR and prepay meters that comply with worldwide electricity metering standards.


  • Residential Meters, 0.5% Accuracy

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Software & Part Ecosystem

Software & Part Ecosystem

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kits 1


TFP2 Flash Programmer Demo Board



TFP2 Flash Programmer Demo Board

TFP2 Flash Programmer Demo Board

Features and Benefits

  • Model TFP2 Flash Programmer
  • 5V DC/1000mA Universal Wall Transformer with 2.5mm Plug
  • Serial Cable, DB9, Male/Female, Straight Cable, 2m Length
  • ATE Cable Housing and Crimp Pins
  • Target-LS Cable Housing and Crimp Pins
  • CHKSUM.EXE Utility Diskette
  • Model TFP2 User Manual
  • TFP2 Quick Start Guide

Product Detail

The TSC flash programmer model TFP2 provides a stand-alone flash memory programming tool for Teridian's embedded controllers. The TFP2 facilitates flash programming in a manufacturing production environment requiring minimum ancillary equipment. Once the TFP2 has been initialized with the target's program code, the target's flash memory can be programmed either manually through operator pushbutton, or controlled by a factory automation computer (ATE).


  • Audio/Video
  • Conditional Access and Payment Slots in Digital STB, PVR and Integrated DTVs
  • Payphones
  • POS Terminals
  • SIM Readers in Wireless Devices (WiMAX, GSM, GPRS)
  • Vending and Ticketing Machines

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