MeasureWare Developer

MeasureWare is designed to support your personal preferences for host microcontroller and IDE for application coding. Initially we are offering an ARM® Mbed sample project and API but other IDEs will be supported in the future.

The sample project below allows you to quickly configure and gather real measurement data. A version of the driver is also provided in which implementation of the peripheral specific functions has been omitted so that it can be adapted for any Mbed-supported host controller.

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MeasureWare Developer from Analog Devices
MeasureWare Software Studio from Analog Devices

Features of MeasureWare Developer

  • API in the embedded C language.
  • Abstracted functions performing all common operations such as reset, configure, start and stop measurements.
  • Easily portable to any Mbed-supported host controller using hardware abstracted functions.
  • Faster development cycle for your application code.
MeasureWare Software Studio from Analog Devices

System requirements

For Mbed System Requirements visit the Mbed introduction page:

MeasureWare Software Studio from Analog Devices

Documentation for MeasureWare Developer

The programmer's guide is an easy-to-follow example to get you up and running with the MeasureWare Developer which uses the ARM Mbed IDE.

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