Real-Time Sensor Fusion Challenge


Welcome to this innovation opportunity for engineering students and startups to enhance context awareness in robotic system by fusing data from two or more ADI sensors. Selected innovation projects will be supported by Analog Devices, MassRobotics and ecosystem partners.

Before registering, please review the challenge description and the Terms and Conditions below.

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Solve Real-World Challenges

Solve Real-World Challenges

Analog Devices is a leader in converting real-world phenomena into insight that transforms industries.

Other Cyber Physical Systems


  • The team's entry must be their original work.
  • Entries Report shouldn't violate any copyright / patent / publication norms.
  • All participating team members should declare their current affiliation.
  • The abstract (and not full details) of the entries submitted will be in the public domain.
  • Each team shall have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 innovators.
  • Student teams are required to have a Faculty Advisor from the university as a mentor. Please review the Terms and Conditions before submitting.
  • Student teams shall provide necessary approvals from respective institutes to participate in this challenge.
  • The Sensor Fusion Challenge design could also be part of the student's final year project with necessary approvals from the department and faculty advisor.

Format of Proposal:
The proposal must be written within 4-6 single spaced pages, including figures, tables and references. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you are strongly encouraged to use pictures and videos in your proposal. We encourage you to upload a video with your proposal presentation as well. The proposal you submit should not be more than 5MB in size and you are also encouraged to do a video (maximum size 1GB) upload.

The proposal should clearly state:

  • What product, solution, algorithm, technology or application you are planning to build?
  • What motivated you to plan on building this?
  • Why is it different and innovative?
  • What are your motivations and plans on taking this project forward?
  • High level block diagram or flowchart.
  • A Video explaining the solution.
  • What is the plan of action and how would you proceed if you are finalist?
  • What sensors, actuators, software solutions/tools, evaluation boards etc. would you require?
  • The team, and their capabilities.


Top two teams will receive cash rewards




Sensor Fusion Seed Challenges


Enhancing Real-World Context / Situational Awareness:

We’re interested in Innovation Teams advancing the state-of-the-art in Sensor Fusion, any Real-time fusion of two or more sensors could be interesting, here are a few example challenges:

  • Sensor Fusion for Indoor to Outdoor Navigation for Mobile Systems.
  • Low Latency Detection of objects moving Laterally into the drive path.
  • Increasing the Speed Envelope of Use Cases.
  • Creation of a 3D, Dense Occupancy Map.
  • Urban Canyon & Tunnel Navigation.
  • Reducing / Removing Effects of Weather on Mobility.
  • Managing the Compute Distribution in Sensor Fusion systems [Interpretation At The Edge].
  • Affordable Sensor Fusion for Robust Safety Detection.
  • Sensor Synchronization to Improve Quality of Object Detection – improving noise floor for better/faster object detection [pick-n-place objects faster, or smaller objects].

We’re also very interested in Distributed Modular Systems Innovation:

Distributed / Modular:

  • Hardware and Software Architectures.


  • Flexible selection / assembly of components in various combinations.
  • Interoperable / Standard / Vendor-Neutral: TSN, ROS, DDS, …..
  • Systems and devices can exchange data, and interpret that shared data.

Information/Interpretation At The Edge:

  • Smart-Sensing, moving interpretation closer to the sensor.

Interconnectable Subsystems:

  • Deterministic Networked Interconnection of Distributed Systems.

Design Resources

All teams are encouraged to join EngineerZone™. This is an forum for engineers globally and great resource for all teams to ask questions, review answers over and beyond the contact with Analog Devices mentors and experts.

View the list of recommended websites, resources from ADI before submitting your project idea.

Rapid Prototyping Arduino and PMOD solutions for Rapid Prototyping.
RADAR Imaging RF-to-bits solutions for radar imaging systems.
LIDAR Imaging Utilizes pulses of light to translate the physical world into 3D digital images.
Time-of-Flight Imaging Using optical pulses to capture depth information from a scene of interest.
Magnetic Field Sensing Combines integrated bulk Hall cell technology and instrumentation circuitry.
Chemical Sensing Chemical and analytical instruments for test and measure the real world.
Motion / Accelerometer Sensors Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Magnetometers, & Pressure Sensors.
Data Acquisition Captures electronic device and sensor signals for real-time processing.
DSP, and Processing DSPs, mixed-signal & embedded processors, and analog microcontrollers.
Motion Coordination, and Control Data converters, amplifiers, iCoupler® digital isolators.
RF Communications Complete signal chain capability, including RF, microwave and millimeter wave.
Deterministic Ethernet Physical Transceivers and Switches Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).
IoT and Cloud, Technologies Components that sense, measure, interpret, connect, and analyze.
Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Solutions Analytics and cloud capabilities.
Security Technologies Trusted platforms, and hardware and software solutions with security services.
Energy Harvesting Solutions Ultra-low power ICs for energy harvesting applications.
Power Management High-performance solutions for power conversion.


What is the Real-Time-Sensor Fusion Challenge (the challenge)?


The challenge is program conducted by Analog Devices. The challenge provides a platform for university students and startups focused on building or prototyping real-time sensor fusion system designs using two or more sensors.

What are the timelines, dates and process?

  • Applicants who are interested to participate must submit their application by October 20th, 2019
  • Analog Devices shortlists the applications received and selects a subset of projects by November 15th 2019.
  • For the following months, the finalist teams go through development of their project with the assigned mentors and specialists, have interim milestones, showcase their project ADI's customer/partner executives and then final demonstration and presentation in March 2020.
  • Winners are selected by a team of esteemed internal and external jury members and awards given at MassRobotics on April 8th 2020.

Who is eligible to participate in the challenge 2020?


The challenge is open to startups and students in full time Bachelors / Master’s and PhD programs of accredited Massachusetts and Rhode Island educational institutions.

How and when will we know the results of the first round?


The results of the first round and the finalists will be declared on the website. The participating teams and the teams who have made it to Round 1 and Finalists will also be notified through email and phone.

How can we participate in the contest?


Your first step is to register your team on the website. You can then submit your proposal through the submit page of the website. The challenge design could also be part of the student's final year project with necessary approvals from the department and faculty advisor.

Is it valid to have a single member team?


We have always found that innovation and development cannot be done alone. So, the team size should be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 members. In addition, the student teams are encouraged to have a faculty member as an advisor.

Is there a file format for submitting the entry?


Yes. PDF or Microsoft word file format should be followed. The proposal must be written within 4 single spaced pages, including figures, tables and references. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you are strongly encouraged to use pictures and videos in your proposal.

Is there a limit to the file size?


Yes. The file should not be greater than 5 MB in memory size, and video size is up to 1GB.

Where can I get more information about Analog Devices and Analog Devices components?


Please visit Analog Devices website at Visit the Design Resources Link for more information on platforms, solutions and more.

Will our entry be valid if I register without submitting a proposal?


No. Proposal submission is the first and a necessary step to enter the contest. We encourage all teams to submit proposals as soon as possible, as it will help us to keep you posted on the latest updates / timelines / changes about the fellowship.

What if I have more queries regarding the contest?


You can submit your queries via the challenge website. Please keep visiting our web site for more updates.

Terms and Conditions

Before you register for the ADI-MassRobotics Real-Time Sensor Fusion Challenge (the “Challenge”), carefully read the term and conditions set forth below. By registering and participating, you (on your own behalf and on behalf of any eligible organization or team that you represent) ("you" or "your") agree that you understand and unconditionally accept these terms and conditions and that these terms and conditions are a binding contract between you and ADI. By registering for a team, you covenant that all members of the team have reviewed these Terms and Conditions and have authorized you to agree to these terms on their behalf. Each individual participant, and each faculty supervisor (if applicable), is required to accept these terms and conditions.


1. Eligibility.

1.1 The Challenge is open for participation by engineering university students enrolled, for the duration of the Challenge. in colleges or universities situated in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, USA.
1.2. The Challenge shall open on June 2019 and, for those teams selected by ADI as finalists, shall continue until April 2020. To participate, you must submit your Challenge project proposal to ADI before October 20th, 2019. Any project proposals submitted after this date will not be accepted by ADI under any circumstance.

1.3. For any team, the minimum team size is 2 and maximum is 8.

1.4. Each team is required to have a faculty advisor from the team’s college or university to supervise the development of the project to be submitted for the Challenge. You cannot be a member of more than one team participating in the Challenge and the same faculty member cannot supervise two teams. In the event it is found that a Challenge participant or a faculty member is a member of more than one team, then both the teams shall be disqualified. However, more than one team from a college or university is eligible to participate in the Challenge.

2. Submissions; Awards.

2.1. You agree to adhere to the timelines, submission requirements and other criteria for the Challenge as communicated to you from time to time by ADI or its representatives.

2.2. The manner and form of evaluation, decisions on the selection, prize or any matter pertaining to the Challenge by ADI shall be final and at its sole discretion. No claims or explanations in respect of such evaluation or decisions shall be entertained by ADI at any stage of the Challenge.

2.3. Participant entries will be judged for: innovation and creativity of solution, completeness of the solution, and applicability of the product/solution/algorithm to real-life situation, number of Analog Devices products used and optimization of the solution/product/service/algorithm for best return on investment.

2.4. All the documents, ideas, materials, designs and/or other work or deliverables submitted or developed by you as part of the Challenge (the “Challenge Materials”), and all intellectual property rights therein, are your property. The evaluation, use and publication of materials, designs and/or ideas submitted by participants in the Challenge are at the discretion of ADI Management. The manner, mode, form and timing of evaluation, use or publication, as also the alteration, deletion, addition and editing of content of the materials, designs or ideas submitted to Analog Devices as part of the Challenge will be determined by ADI.

2.5. The Challenge Materials submitted by you must be independent, original and genuine work and must not infringe the intellectual property rights or otherwise of a third party.

2.6. You shall ensure that you comply with all applicable laws and policies and procedures of your employer (if you are currently employed by a company and participating in the Challenge) in participating in, and submitting Challenge Materials for, the Challenge. ADI has no duty to check your Challenge Materials for such compliance and you alone shall be responsible for all consequences of failing to adhere to the pertinent laws, policies or procedures.

3. License. By submitting an entry, you hereby grant to ADI and its licensees, sublicensees, successors, and assigns, the exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, transferable, sublicenseable right and license (including but not limited to, all intellectual property and proprietary rights) to use the entry and Challenge Materials in any manner and in all media now known or hereinafter developed (the “License”). The rights granted under the License shall also include, without limitation, the right to alter or edit the entry, and to make derivative works based on the entry. You agree to sign any documents required by ADI upon request to confirm such License. This license survives completion of the Challenge.

4. Publicity. A shortened abstract of your initial proposals may be made available by ADI on a public website. Each winner, by acceptance of a prize, unless legally prohibited, grants permission for ADI and its designees to use his/her name, address (city and state), photograph, voice and/or other likeness and prize information for advertising, trade and promotional purposes without further compensation, in all media now known or hereafter discovered, worldwide in perpetuity, without notice or review or approval. The winners’ team name, the names of its individual members, and the team’s college or university may be posted on the Challenge webpage.

5. Privacy; Confidentiality. Except as set forth above or within any other consent given by you, all personal information collected in this Challenge will be used under ADI’s Privacy Policy found at Any communication or information transmitted to ADI by electronic mail or otherwise is and will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary.

6. General.

6.1. You acknowledge and agree that the Challenge is not an offer of employment and that ADI is not bound to offer employment to you in connection with the Challenge.

6.3. You shall not indulge in any unfair or unethical practices in order to improve your chances of winning the Challenge and if you are found engaging in such practices, you shall be liable, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies enjoyed by ADI, to be disqualified from participating further in the Challenge. Further, ADI reserves the right to take any action in its sole discretion against the Challenge participant found violating any of these Terms and Conditions or any other rules and guidelines communicated by ADI or its representatives.

6.4. You agree and acknowledge that you participate in the Challenge at your sole risk and expense. You are solely responsible for all your costs and expenses in connection with the Challenge, except as ADI may agree in writing from time to time in its sole discretion.

6.5. You are not guaranteed any awards or payments from ADI or any third party. All awards and payments made by ADI in respect of the Challenge shall be subjected to tax and other statutory deductions as mandated by applicable law. Any and all taxes, surcharges and charges in respect of the awards and payments shall be borne by the Challenge participant alone and ADI shall not be liable for the same.

6.6. ADI reserves its exclusive right, exercisable at any time, without notice, to amend, add to, delete from, alter or otherwise change the Terms and Conditions. ADI also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to postpone, suspend, and cancel the entire Challenge or a part thereof.

6.7. You hereby release and hold harmless ADI, its sponsors and their employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, and legal advisors, from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the Challenge.

6.8. ADI makes no warranties whatsoever, whether express or implied, in respect of the Challenge and any subsequent interview or interaction and hereby disclaims all liability to you and all other participants in respect of acts or omissions regarding the conduct of the same and any decisions made by ADI with respect to selection of winning entries or use of submitted materials, designs or ideas. ADI shall not accept any liability in respect of any errors or oversights in conducting the Challenge and selecting winning participants.

6.9. You may withdraw from the Challenge at any time by delivery of written notice of withdrawal to ADI; provided that, in any event, all rights you granted to ADI in the Challenge Materials shall survive the expiration or termination of your participation in the Challenge.

6.10. ADI assumes no responsibility for computer system, phone line, hardware, software, third party sites, or program malfunctions or other errors, failures of any kinds, delayed computer transmissions or network, server, cable, satellite, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or other connections that are human or technical or other errors or difficulties of any kind whether human, mechanical, electronic, computer, network, typographical, printing or otherwise relating to or in connection with the Challenge, including, without limitation, errors or difficulties which may occur in the administration of the Challenge, notification and announcement of the prize winners, or in any other Challenge related materials. ADI is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate registration information, whether caused by Internet users or by the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Challenge, by any technical or human errors which may occur in the processing of the entries in the Challenge, or for any technical or human errors which may occur during the administration of the Challenge.

ADI is not responsible for entries garbled, late, tampered with, forged, incomplete, misdirected, lost, misplaced, stolen, delayed, damaged, inaccurate, undelivered, destroyed or otherwise not in compliance with these Terms and Conditions, and all such entries will be void.

6.11. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is determined to be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and these Terms and Conditions shall continue in effect.


8. Cancellation; Suspension. ADI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Challenge at any time for any reason, including but not limited to any reason that affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Challenge. Such reasons include but are not limited to fraud, tampering, unauthorized access, infections by computer virus, bugs, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of ADI.

9. Governing Law; Venue. All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of these terms and conditions, or the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the Challenge shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You agree that any and all disputes, claims and causes of action arising out of or connected with the Challenge shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts courts located in Suffolk County, Massachusetts.