ADSP-SC57x and ADSP-2157x Product Family

The ADSP-SC57x and ADSP-2157x multicore processors are the latest in a growing series of high-performance, power-efficient, real-time platforms that deliver greater than 6 giga-floating-point operations per second using two enhanced SHARC+ cores and advanced DSP accelerators. By combining ADI’s SHARC technology with arm® Cortex-A5 system control capability, this provides a high performance, low cost solution for complex applications demanding the latest advanced algorithms, interface technology, security and scalability. With more than 2MBytes of on-chip memory, the system cost can be optimized with two package options including the choice to use external memory. By consuming less than 2 watts at Automotive temperatures, the ADSP-SC57x and ADSP-2157x delivers the advantage of industry leading digital signal processing performance to applications where thermal management sets the limit for power consumption, or where the higher costs and lower reliability of fans cannot be tolerated. Target applications include automotive premium audio, consumer and pro-audio and high-end industrial systems.
ADSP-SC57x Chip

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Features and Benefits

Single-chip SOC Providing Optimized BOM Cost and Board Area Design
  • Integrated dual SHARC+ floating-point DSP cores and arm® Cortex®-A5 processor
  • Scalable performance and features in two different package options
  • Lower cost derivative to the successful ADSP-SC58x family
Class leading low power floating-pt DSP Performance at under 2W
  • 5.4GFLOPs, 1.8GMACS Floating-pt SHARC+ DSP performance (2x 450MHz)
  • Enabling 105°C environments and reduced heat-sinks and no fans for increased reliability & robustness
Integrated & optimized low power connectivity engine (ADSP-SC57x series only)
  • Industry standard arm® Cortex®-A5 (720DMIPS at 450MHz) with FPU and Neon® DSP extensions
  • Enhanced integrated peripherals including Gigabit Ethernet (w/AVB), MLB, USB, CAN & SDIO
Targeting advanced floating-point real-time DSP applications
  • Easy to use deterministic DSP coding at up to twice the previous SHARC performance
  • Code compatible SHARC+ cores add double precision floating point support, byte addressability, optional L1-cache mode and branch prediction
  • Large on-chip 384KB L1 SRAM/cache per SHARC+ core, large 1MB shared L2 SRAM & advanced DMA features
  • High performance external memory interface including DDR3L support (BGA package only)
  • Glue-less DSP Digital Audio Interfaces including 4x full SPORT (w/I2S), SPDIF & Sample Rate Converters
  • Multiple serial interfaces including Quad SPI, I2C, UARTs
  • Scalable multi-device support with high speed link-port
Advanced Security with Cryptographic accelerators and OTP Memory
  • For IP protection, fast secure boot and secure network connectivity
Data Integrity with Parity or ECC protected SRAM and Fault Management Unit
Multiple ADSP-SC57x and ADSP-2157x Product Options
  • One or two SHARC+ cores, with or without the arm® Cortex®-A5 processor, and various peripheral options
  • Pin compatible options within two packages : 17-mm × 17-mm (0.8mm pitch) cspBGA and 24mm x 24mm LQFP
  • Full-featured BGA version or a cost-optimized, reduced pin-count LQFP option
Advanced Easy-to-Use Development Tools
  • CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) with optimized C/C++ compiler, DSP Libraries and project examples
  • SigmaStudio support provides an extensive selection of optimized audio libraries with easy to use graphical audio development and tuning tools for faster time-to-market
  • FreeRTOS real-time operating system on both SHARC+ and arm® Cortex®-A5 cores, as well as HCC Embedded USB Host, USB Device, and file system stacks running on the arm® Cortex®-A5.
  • ADZS-SC573-EZLITE development kit with full reference schematics and PCB design details
  • High speed JTAG emulators (ICE-1000/2000) facilitate the creation, test, and debug of advanced applications
Comprehensive Automotive Applications Support
  • Optimized Ethernet AVB stack developed and supported by Analog Devices
  • AUTOSAR MCAL drivers
  • Many additional third-party algorithms & software components including advanced ANC & multi-dimensional surround audio
Embedded Linux Support for arm® Cortex®-A5 core
  • Yocto based distribution
  • Full Linux SDK provided for seamless development
  • A broad range of on-chip peripherals supported
  • Ability to load and communicate with SHARC applications

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