ADI demos at Sensors Converge 2022
ADI demos at Sensors Converge 2022

Thank you to everyone who stopped by ADI’s booth at Sensors Converge 2022 to witness firsthand how we’re using the power of innovation to impact the world around us. We had an exciting 2 days showcasing our broad range of sensors and signal conditioning solutions that enable innovations in factory digitization, scientific instrumentation, digital healthcare, and more. If you weren’t able to attend, or missed any of the demos onsite, you can now watch the videos to learn more. See you in Santa Clara 2023!

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Gaurav Mital headshot

Gaurav Mital
Director of Product/ System Architecture

Space Constrained Devices with Ultra-low Power Consumption Budget Powered by the SIMO

Presenter: Gaurav Mital

Many of the key, enabling technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) or Industrial IoT (IIoT) have advanced over the years to take us from the emerging concept of adding the “smart” label to everything to now delivering products in the consumer and industrial mainstreams. Self-powered energy sources (a.k.a. – energy harvesting or EH), intelligent power management, advancements in semiconductors/MEMS, low-power wireless communications, energy storage, and test/validation have converged in a perfect storm of opportunity for optimizing energy efficiency, utilization, and therefore battery life.

Sam Zhang headshot

Sam Zhang
ADI Fellow

High-Performance and Low-Power Motion Sensors for Monitoring and Navigation Applications

Presenter: Sam Zhang

This half-day session provides a fast and deep look at the status of MEMS sensors – the most powerful and innovative sensors around. MEMS suppliers will take the stage to discuss the latest achievements in manufacturing these amazing devices, as well as new embedded capabilities. Attendees should expect to meet some of the innovators in the space and will leave with a better understanding of supply chains, design capabilities, and new MEMS approaches from some of the most well-known suppliers in the industry.

Michael Haight headshot

Michael Haight
Director Business Management

Using Electronic Security to Protect your Revolutionary Medical Products (PDF)

Presenter: Michael Haight

Proliferation in innovative medical devices and technology is driving increased necessity to ensure patient safety while protecting the R&D investments and IP from the developers. Low cost counterfeits pose obvious safety risks to patients who use the technology. Reverse-engineered copies of IP and technology deprives developers of the returns on their investment for bringing revolutionary products to market. This session will discuss ways to increase safety by electronically blocking counterfeits, as well as digitally authenticating IP to prevent direct copies of technology. Further, the session will explore methods to securely and selectively lock and unlock device features when the hardware supports a range of feature options.

Maurice O'Brien headshot

Maurice O’Brien
Strategic Marketing Manager for Industrial Automation, Intelligent Motion Control and CbM

Empowering the Intelligent Edge to Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Presenter: Maurice O’Brien

Real-time, continuous, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions are increasing in importance as manufacturers look to increase throughput and asset utilization by reducing unplanned asset downtime. This talk will discuss condition monitoring growth drivers, example of new service-based business models based on monitoring of an asset’s health. Finally introducing the key technologies required to deliver, high value asset health insights and how to accelerate new condition monitoring deployment.

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Digital Healthcare

Ultra Fast Isolation for Medical and Industrial Video Applications

Medical applications require isolation between surgical sensors or devices, patients and the mains. When interconnecting surgical devices with main's powered displays, the previously required high bandwidth isolation was not available. Similar safety challenges prevented interfacing patient care equipment with external non-medical-grade displays. Explore new possibilities with ADI's high speed isolators and reference designs, which seamlessly isolate HDMI and high speed USB (480Mbps), driving improvements in medical electronics. These designs enable smaller form factors in surgery and allow for regular commercial displays and high speed USB peripherals to be used with patient care equipment.

Wireless Bicycle Power Meter

Cyclists want to measure power expenditure to gauge their fitness. See how ADI solutions are achieving low power consumption and small form factor in force measurement applications such as cyclist power. It features a low power, wireless system comprised of an instrumentation amplifier connected to strain gauges mounted to the bicycle’s crank arm. Also integrated is the MAX11108 SAR ADC and a MAX32666 MCU which communicates, via Bluetooth Low Energy, with an app on a tablet that calculates and plots the power generated by the cyclist.

Wearable Vital Sign Data Collection Systems

See how wrist and patch wearables using ADI technology collect vital sign measurements that provide users with important health insights. The use of MRD104 + ADI Study watch + MRD282 chest patch to collect clinical-grade data shows how ADI's silicon leadership for ECG, Temperature, BioZ, PPG and algorithms can make care possible in more places. These devices provide clinical measurements for the next generation of wearable devices for use in Healthcare.

Industrial Manufacturing

Condition Monitoring Sensor with Single Pair Ethernet Connectivity

New single pair 10BASE-T1L Ethernet physical layer standards offer additional connectivity solutions for communicating asset health insights in condition monitoring applications. 10BASE-T1L enables previously unavailable insights in these applications and seamlessly communicates them to the control layer and cloud/private server. The insights awaken novel possibilities for data analysis, operational insights, and productivity improvements through a converged Ethernet network from the condition monitoring sensor to the cloud or private server. Learn how ADI’s latest digital output 3-axis MEMS vibration and shock sensor combines with a 10BASE-T1L MAC PHY for long reach Ethernet connectivity while also delivering power to the sensor on the same two wires.

4 mA to 20 mA Current Loop Solution

The LT8618 buck converter is a high efficiency and extremely compact power solution to power 4-20mA current loops. Because the input current is limited to 4mA, efficiency is critical in providing maximum load current to the sensor.

Power and Connect Remote Sensor Nodes

Harvesting small amounts of otherwise wasted heat using a thermoelectric device (uTEG) can enable wireless, battery free sensing. This demo highlights one such use case: ADI's uTEG powers a CbM node, periodically senses vibration and temperature (ADXL357, ADT7302), and performs an on-board FFT and transmits via BLE. The demo also highlights how I2C or SPI buses can be extended to large distances up to 1200m by using Serial Extenders (LTC4331 or LTC4332). We will have some remote sensors which can be either directly connected to processor card or through an extender with different cable lengths.

ADI OtoSense Quality Control

Watch ADI OtoSense™ Quality Control in action. This AI-driven sensing interpretation hardware and software solution automates operations in manufacturing environments and delivers diagnostics at the edge. ADI OtoSense Quality Control directly assesses the quality of manufactured parts and their condition by monitoring the machines that build or move them anywhere on the production line. This combination allows for thorough quality control of each unit prior to shipment even when throughput is fast.

Taming APD arrays for High Performance LIDAR

Long range high resolution LiDAR requires high amplitude narrow pulsing and increased channel counts. The LTC6563's low noise TIAs can support pulse widths down to 2ns and is extendable up to 32 channels. A typical APD array requires high voltage and is sensitive to temperature and bias variations. The ADA4383's ultralow EMI output provides tight control of APD gain over temperature and loading. The integrated current limit and health monitoring protects the APD from damage. The complete uModule solution takes up less than half the volume of a discrete solution.

Mobile and Accurate Object Dimensioning Using Time of Flight

The ability to dimension objects rapidly and accurately is a challenge in logistics and supply chain management. ADI's ToF technology is creating disruption in this market by enabling mobile dimensioning indoor and outdoor under variable conditions.


1V Op Amp Doubles Electrochemical Sensor Battery Life

Electrochemical sensors are used to measure air quality and detect the presence of hazardous gases. They require constant bias voltage to drive electrochemical reaction. Witness ADI's electrochemical sensor system powered by a single AA battery. The sensor system employs a novel architecture that virtually doubles the battery life by substantially reducing standby current and average current in active.

Bi-directional Current Sensing Solutions

Witness two of ADI's bi-directional current sensing solutions in action: The ADA4099-2 op amp providing precision high-side bi-directional current sensing for voltages as high as 70V using Over-The-Top functionality. It shows the entire signal chain as a reference for precise conversions from amperes to bits. The ADAF1080 AMR solution that allows for both AC and DC contactless current measurements. ADI's in-house AMR processes and signal chain and systems expertise helps to solve limitations on bandwidth and DC sensing capability pertaining to contactless current sensing. This is achieved without the need for shielding or flux concentrators which greatly reduces cost and complexity.

Machine Vision on a Battery

The MAX78000 AI accelerator IC enables even the smallest, energy harvested devices to see and hear the world around them. Witness how in milliseconds this IC enables face ID, deer detection, object classification and more to be executed using a handheld, battery powered device.

Sensing and Power

World's First True-Power-On single chip Multiturn Position Sensor

See how ADI's ADMT4000 absolute Multiturn position sensor removes the need linear transducers, reduction gearing or backup battery power normally required to measure motion when power is lost or removed. The ADMT4000 enables designers to simplify actuator designs, reducing size, weight and system costs.

What inflation?! Nano-Watt Motion Sensing

How many electrons does it take to measure motion? We answered this question 10 years ago, but it turns out we were wrong. We can do it with far fewer. This demo introduces the ADXL367, our newest triaxial, 14-bit, accelerometer which is here to reset expectations once again by delivering 100Hz of data with less than one micro-Watt power consumption. Added for good measure are a number of system-level power management features like activity detect, large FIFO, and programable.

Secured IoT LoRa Sensor Nodes using a Cryptographic Coprocessor and Google Cloud

Cryptographic security is a technology pillar for the IoT building blocks of sensors, processing, and connectivity. A range of security requirements exists including authenticating that a sensor is genuine, enabling trust of sensor data, and securing connectivity from a sensor endpoint to the cloud. ADI’s portfolio of security ICs are easily integrated into a customer's application and combine hardware-based crypto with feature sets to address these requirements. Featured in this demo is the MAXREFDES9001 IoT security reference that shows an end-to-end security solution from sensor node to the cloud.

Low EMI Silent Switcher uModule Regulator

ADI's Silent Switcher architecture minimizes EMI emissions to pass CISPR22 class B. The combination of Silent Switcher's wide operating frequency range and multiple operating modes minimize EMI and make it ideal for noise sensitive applications. Quad configurable output Silent Switcher regulators can replace 2, 3 or 4 single output competitive modules. The customer only needs to qualify one part number instead of several single output modules.

Class S Power Quality Monitoring Solution

See how the ADE9430 IC and Software solution can monitor power quality to a class S level (as specified by the IEC 61000-4-30 standard) and identify the effect of different types of loads on harmonic distortions. Get real time power quality measurements while saving time to market and resources using this class S solution vs a more expensive class A one.