Ahead of What's Possible

Creating the industry’s first 50 GHz handheld analyzer.

Multiple capabilities. For today’s communication age.

Deep in the Alps, in the late 1800s, inventor Karl Elsener designed a lightweight tool that could perform multiple tasks, in harsh conditions, with unerring precision. That tool became the Swiss Army Knife, history’s model of multi-purpose innovation.

Fast forward to today: Communication networks (RF, microwave and millimeter-wave frequency ranges) are more distributed and complex than ever before. The need to test, measure and analyze wideband systems takes field technicians across increasingly disparate, remote and challenging environments.

Today’s markets and applications require a way to bring multiple tools, with lab-grade precision, further and further into the field. And today, as ever before, innovation leaders make it happen.

Test. Analyze. Revolutionize.

Keysight Technologies has a long history of electronic design and test equipment innovation – and a decades-long partnership with Analog Devices. Together, those strengths have brought about another industry breakthrough, with the development of the first integrated handheld analyzer with extended frequency ranges to 50 GHz.

Keysight’s FieldFox handheld RF and microwave analyzers bring lab-grade precision measurement to the field in a single, multi-function solution that includes a cable and antenna tester, vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, power meter, and more. In the installation and maintenance of communications networks, the replacement of so many test platforms with one small tool is simply astonishing.

Ruggedized to military specs to perform even in challenging conditions – whether dust, temperature or moisture – FieldFox delivers bench-level performance and precision. Various models are available up to 50 GHz, all in a fanless, ventless, and lightweight package.

It is truly an all-in-one tool, with state-of-the-art capabilities; an industry first, forged with Keysight design creativity and technologies from Analog Devices.

Benchtop precision.  Landmark innovation.

Size and power efficiency were critical to FieldFox – and answering this challenge required multiple standard and semi-custom solutions from ADI’s RF electronic test and measurement portfolio, which provides the high performance and wide bandwidth capabilities needed across an ever increasing frequency range, including products that cover the complete high speed and RF signal chain.

FieldFox takes advantage of a wide range of ADI’s solutions including: RF microwave and millimeter wave ICs with low noise amplifiers, mixers and VCOs; wideband amplifiers; timing components; and precision control products.

By optimizing the critical high-speed, high-precision and control path signal chains around ADI technology, Keysight engineers achieved the highest level of performance with unprecedented levels of power consumption and form factor reduction. The result is the industry’s most integrated family of handheld combination analyzers, a breakthrough solution that provides Keysight’s customers with increased capabilities, flexibility, and portability that are unique in the field.

From the lab, to the field, to Ahead of What’s Possible.

Whether performing routine measurements, in-depth troubleshooting, or anything in between, FieldFox delivers performance that is precise enough for the lab, yet rugged enough for the field.

In so doing, it has opened up possibilities for innumerable remote testing applications including installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of systems in satellite ground stations, railway transportation, oil exploration, military radar systems, and remote wireless infrastructure links.   It also represents the sum of Analog Devices’ deep and proactive customer relationship with the engineering innovators at Keysight.

Across multiple industries and uses, Keysight and ADI continue to work together, taking electronic test and measurement performance from the lab, to the field, to Ahead of What’s Possible.

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