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ADI Semiconductor Automatic Test Equipment Solution

Test for semiconductor IC components can usually be divided into CP (chip probe) at the wafer level and the final package test (FT). The main difference between these two is that the CP is a functional test for the die before packaging, while the FT is an IC specification test after packaging. The purpose of the die test is mainly to avoid problems found during the FT test and an even heavier burden to cost while improving product passed yield. The integrated circuit test (IC test) is implemented mainly to distinguish qualified ICs from unqualified ones and ensure the final product specification, quality, and reliability. With the rapid development of integrated circuits, the scale of the semiconductor test market has become larger and larger. The growing test market has led to higher requirements for circuit quality and reliability.

Application Introduction
  • ATE Pin Driver (PE)
  • Parametric Measurement Units and Device Power Supplies
  • Switch

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Press Release
Nov 22 2023: Analog Devices to Participate in the UBS Global Technology Conference
Nov 21 2023: Analog Devices Reports Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Record Fiscal 2023 Financial Results
Oct 24 2023: Analog Devices, Inc. to Report Fourth Quarter Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results on Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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