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Analog Devices (NASDAQ: ADI) is the leading global high-performance analog technology company dedicated to solving the toughest engineering challenges. We enable our customers to interpret the world around us by intelligently bridging the physical and digital with unmatched technologies that sense, measure, power, connect and interpret. Visit

Utility of the Future: Powering Smart Energy in ASEAN

In lockstep with strong economic growth, Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world in terms of electricity demand. Driven by the growing ownership of household appliances and air conditioners, as well as increasing consumption of goods and services, demand has grown more than 6% annually for the past 20 years. Of the region’s ten countries, the four largest by electricity consumption, Indonesia (26%), Vietnam (22%), Thailand (19%) and Malaysia (15%), make up more than 80% of total demand in the region. Smart meters and grid modernisation have become the top priority for these countries

TLDR; Recurring themes throughout the discussion (Thank you Brian for summarising this nicely!):
  • The ability to keep the grid stable and decentralized as the base for new ventures like renewables, EVs, etc.
  • Continuing to improve performance (outage/ downtime management, metrics improvements, etc.)
  • Utilising data analytics for fraud detection and meter tampering reduction

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Press Release
Aug 26 2021: Analog Devices Completes Acquisition of Maxim Integrated
Aug 25 2021: Analog Devices Increases Share Repurchase Authorization by $8.5 Billion to Approximately $10 Billion
Aug 23 2021: Analog Devices and Maxim Integrated Announce China Antitrust Clearance for Combination

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Time Sensitive Networking: Five Ways the IEEE Standards Will Advance Industry 4.0
Across the world, I meet with customers investing hundreds of thousands, even millions, into making the promise of Industry 4.0 a reality. This new paradigm of ubiquitous connectivity is inspiring manufacturers, from the largest automation OEMs to emerging businesses. They see the potential to make their businesses more productive, efficient, adaptable, and profitable for the bottom line and ultimately for their employees, stakeholders, and customers.
Vital Sign Technologies: Condition-Based Monitoring of the Human Body
Vital sign monitoring has extended beyond the boundaries of medical practice and into many areas of our everyday lives. Originally, vital sign monitoring took place in hospitals and clinics under strict medical supervision. Advances in microelectronics have led to cost reduction in monitoring systems, making these technologies more accessible and common in areas such as telemedicine, sports, fitness and wellness, and workplace safety, as well as the automotive market, which is becoming increasingly focused on autonomous driving. Despite this expansion and given the health-related nature of these applications, quality standards remain high.

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