Helping to Create the Next Generation of Engineers and Innovators

From our very beginnings, Analog Devices has lent time, resources, and steadfast support to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. Since 2003, we have partnered with FIRST ( in this mission. Analog Devices' sponsorship includes:

  • Supporting FIRST robotics teams with grant funding
  • Contributing relevant products to the high school (FRC) design kit (see videos below)
  • Supporting regional competitions
  • FIRST summer internships

Furthermore, a number of our employees volunteer with FIRST as team mentors, competition judges, and as parent volunteers. Learn about how you can get involved as a volunteer at FIRST.

This Isn't a Robot!

FIRST is more than robots. FIRST prepares kids to solve the world's toughest problems.

Information about Analog Devices Donation

FRC Gyroscope Board – Available on FIRST Choice & AndyMark


Gyro & AccelerometerGyroscopes and accelerometers are game-changers for your robot, providing precise measurement of motion and rotation to help your robot better navigate the field. The ADXRS450 gyroscope featured on this board is used in applications such as industrial automation, wearable activity trackers, and robotics far beyond FRC.

If you need help getting started, check out our Using the FIRST Gyro Board in FRC LabVIEW EngineerZone blog post. Purchase spare gyro boards from AndyMark.

Move Up with the ADI IMU – Available on FIRST Choice


IMUCheck out the ADI Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The ADIS16448 IMU gives the RoboRIO the ability to calculate its position in 3D space. The unit packs gyroscopes, accelerometers, a barometer, and a magnetometer into a small and robust housing designed for robotics. Each unit is individually calibrated for peak performance. The device featured on this board is part of the ADI iSensor family, used in applications like UAVs, surgical robots, and even concussion detection.

If you need more help, check out our FIRST IMU and Using the ADIS16448 IMU in FRC LabVIEW Blogs on EngineerZone™ for more information or post your question on Chief Delphi. ADI Engineers and FIRST Mentors will be monitoring these forums to assist teams throughout build season.

Interested in Electronics?


M1KIf you want to better understand the electrical principles of current, voltage and impedance, check out the tutorials and demos in the kit and read more about the Active Learning Module on our wiki. 

Order your kit.

Analog Devices donates products for high school FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) design kits

Check out the videos below to see how ADI’s donations can help your team build a better robot.

Using the ADI FRC IMU board to help your robot drive straight.

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Using the ADI FRC IMU board for "autonomous" mode.

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Using the ADI FRC IMU board, 2016 FRC Control System and LabVIEW

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Using the ADI FRC Gyro/XL board, 2016 FRC Control System and LabVIEW

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Why should I use the Analog Devices Sensor Board?

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Getting Started with ADALM 1000 (M1K)

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Using the ADALM 1000 (M1K) to measure voltage on your robot.

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Kristen Chong: A Former FIRST Participant is Now an Engineer at Analog Devices

Kristen Chong
By the time Kristen Chong reached seventh grade she knew she wanted "to help invent the future." She began her journey from FIRST contestant to ADI engineer and blogger at an early age. A fairly recent graduate of University of Texas Dallas, Kristen is eager to share some of her thoughts on FIRST, becoming an engineer, new technology and her "aha" moment.

Read Kristen's blog for the latest FIRST news.

Putting the Future FIRST


From mentorship opportunities, to ongoing financial assistance, to supplying technology, Analog Devices is proud to support FIRST Robotics Competition and empower tomorrow’s innovation leaders to create solutions – and opportunities – that are ahead of what’s possible.

Learn how we’re supporting FIRST and other STEM programs across our community.

Get Involved with FIRST

Volunteers make up 99.9% of the FIRST workforce. Whether you have a weekend to help, want to mentor for a length of time, have technical or non-technical expertise, there is a volunteer role suited to your unique interest. Find information about FIRST programs, volunteer resources, opportunities, and more!

Learn how you can become a FIRST Volunteer.


Vincent Roche

FIRST shares ADI’s commitment to STEM programs in the communities where we work and live by inspiring the next generation of young people to pursue careers in engineering and math,”

Vincent Roche–CEO of Analog Devices