Banner graphic image shows a woman with Virtuality Reality Headset over eyes, reviewing an image of a landscape, shown on the lens.
Graphic image shows a woman with a Virtuality Reality Headset over her eyes. She is reviewing an image of a picturesque landscape, shown on the lens.



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electronica 2022

Discover how we are supporting our customers to develop ground-breaking consumer devices that help redefine the way people work, live, and engage. Our consumer wall showcases a selection of market-leading products breaking the boundaries of what’s possible and delighting customers beyond expectation.

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Discover Our Consumer Display Wall for Immersive Consumer Experiences

Come to our booth and see our consumer display wall at electronica showcasing market-leading consumer devices developed by our customers and supported by Analog Devices’ unmatched, cutting-edge digital signal processing, video, audio, power, and software solutions. Whether it’s the new generation of low power wireless headphones or best-in-class soundbars for unforgettable home entertainment experiences, see how we’re helping our customers solve the complex challenges of next-generation consumer devices and create highly immersive interactions between people and technology.

High Speed Wireless Data Interconnect

View this demo and learn how ADI is addressing data interconnect over rotary joint applications in Industry 4.0, factory automation, and other robotic settings. Witness ADI’s wire-like, full-duplex, data interconnect solution that provides the benefits of ultralow latency and protocol-agnostic. This solution is also more offset/misalignment-tolerant and has ruggedness against dust environment in comparison to other existing solutions.

Optimizing Power Solutions for RF Signal Chain Systems

See how ADI’s methodology to meet power domain sensitivity and realistic power supply noise requirements optimizes power solutions for RF signal chain systems. The optimized power solution improves form factor, efficiency, and power loss of the standard power solution while achieving the RF signal chain dynamic performances. The demo demonstrates various power supply design optimizations including RF transceivers, RF amplifiers, high speed ADCs and DACs, and more.

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Charging electric vehicle

Automotive Demos

Discover the future of automotive technology. From audio, voice, Ethernet, and display solutions for the in-cabin environment to battery solutions for electric vehicles, a human-centric approach to innovation will deliver more immersive experiences for occupants and a more sustainable planet for future generations.

Graphic image shows a female technology worker in a factory setting reviewing technical data on tablet device.

Industrial Automation and Instrumentation Demos

Industrial technology is rapidly digitizing, combining sensing, connectivity, and data into insights to enable a new level of efficient, sustainable, and personalized manufacturing. Demonstrations featuring condition-based monitoring, advanced motion control, seamless edge-to-cloud connectivity, and efficient power management are only a sample of the ways Analog Devices’ technologies are building a more sustainable industrial future.

Graphic image shows a female nurse reviewing medical data on a tablet and on a large screen TV panel.

Healthcare Demos

See how we are working with our customers to transform the future of healthcare into one that is digitized and decentralized, making care more accessible and affordable for all. Demonstrations showing clinical-grade wearables, in-bed vital monitoring, and fitness-based power meters are just a small showcase of the many ways Analog Devices' technologies are positively impacting people’s everyday lives.