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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a significant health concern facing a growing number of occupations and disciplines. From athletes at the professional and amateur levels, to soldiers and first responders in dangerous environments around the world, more and more individuals risk sustaining these injuries and suffering the potentially long-term, debilitating effects they may trigger.

The medical community, researchers, businesses and the general public alike are more aware than ever of this "concussion epidemic." The key is what can be done to better understand, treat and prevent Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). And this is where innovators like BlackBox Biometrics are making amazing new strides.

Wearable Technology to Measure the Unseen.

BlackBox Biometrics®, Inc. is an industry leader in developing advanced sensing systems that can instantly “measure the unseen” impact of concussive forces that can cause TBI.

One such innovation is the Linx Impact Assessment System (IAS), a wearable device that fits inside a headband or skull cap to help athletes in helmeted and non-helmeted sports.

With its advanced technology, including ADI MEMS accelerometers, Linx IAS can measure how hard, and how many times, athletes sustain impact to the head - and send real-time data to a paired smartphone or tablet for analysis, whether for correlation to potential injury or to fine tune an athlete's technique. The mobile application also includes a built-in sideline test which can aid in the decision to remove an athlete from play and/or seek medical attention.

For the battlefield or other dangerous environments, BlackBox has also developed their Blast Gauge® System, a three-gauge set wearable by soldiers or first responders that measures exposure to blast overpressure - shock waves caused by explosions, the firing of weapons, sonic booms and other such phenomena.

With multiple ADI MEMS inertial sensors, the system collects precise data measurements and relays it to the operator at the press of a button (green, yellow, and red status LEDs provide instant triage data, and a micro-USB connection allows full time-based data to be later analyzed by medical personnel).

Increasing Understanding. Improving Lives.

As the industry leader in advanced sensor technology, Analog Devices is inspired to collaborate with, and provide technologies for, innovators such as BlackBox Biometrics, whose solutions are positively impacting lives and helping to redefine entire fields of study. We know that our high-performance components enable customers to develop end-products that are truly ahead of what's possible.

 "ADI MEMS accelerometers provide high-g measurement capabilities with industry-leading sampling rates, enhancing the ability of the Blast Gauge to accurately detect explosive and concussive events affecting our Servicemembers in-theater and in training." 

Dr. David Borkholder, Chief Technology Officer, BlackBox Biometrics, Inc.

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