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Analog Devices and Anritsu enable the world’s first all-in-one wireless tester supporting LTE-Advanced.

Wireless innovation for the IoT and 5G eras.

As wireless communication technologies rapidly evolve, the RF pioneers designing tomorrow’s applications face a new set of unique challenges.

Now more than ever, they need a fast, effective and more efficient way to test ideas, deliver solutions and support a world that grows more connected every day. Which is now easier than ever, thanks to Analog Devices, Anritsu and the power of partnership.

Taking wireless farther. Faster.

For over 120 years, Anritsu has delivered groundbreaking advances in telecommunications technology.

Continuing its legacy of innovation, Anritsu set out to create the world’s first all-in-one wireless communication analyzer; a device uniquely capable of testing multiple frequencies simultaneously, giving engineers a set of capabilities that would typically require three discrete boxes — all from a single unit.

To do so, they looked to their long-term partner and Global Preferred Supplier, Analog Devices.

In a dedicated Collaboration Room at Anritsu’s facilities in Japan, Anritsu’s engineering teams worked with ADI field engineers on a regular, deeply collaborative basis — reviewing design requirements, ensuring design iterations met spec’d levels of performance and functionality, and discussing evolving technology standards and device trends. This close partnership gave Anritsu access to system-level expertise, integration across the signal chain and innovative solutions with the highest frequency and widest bandwidth capabilities.

The result was the MT8821C Radio Communication Analyzer, the industry’s first single testing unit capable of supporting all wireless telecommunications technologies from LTE-Advanced to 3G/2G (including LTE-Advanced UE Downlink (DL) 4x4 MIMO and Downlink Carrier Aggregation 5CCs.) It’s an all-in-one test solution with the capabilities and flexibility to rapidly and reliably test products from R&D to pre-production to mass production — accelerating speed-to-market and driving innovations across a host of wireless platforms and mobile devices.

Anritsu Product

Think big. Go small. Join together.

To develop the MT8821C, Anritsu needed to dramatically reduce the size of its RF circuit board. Working closely with the ADI team, and incorporating a host of ADI technologies, Anritsu was able to develop a board one-half the size of conventional models.

Adapting an integrated ADI PLL to the compact tester improved both performance and functionality, enabling the MT8821C to achieve the world’s highest level of phase noise and lowest level of spurious emissions.

The tester’s next-generation GUI and large, intuitive touch panel deliver superior operability and visibility, while the backwards compatibility of remote commands reduces cost for engineers configuring automated test environments.

Innovation after innovation, Anritsu built a solution that is helping to enable the next generation of wireless communications. To help make this possible, Anritsu adopted over 20 high-end ADI solutions across the full signal chain, including DACs, ADCs, PLLs, switches, op amps, wave detectors, dividers and log amps. This allowed the company to meet or exceed the demanding performance criteria required from a leading-edge testing solution.

Connecting people. Through more connected devices.

Supported by ADI solutions, Anritsu’s MT8821C Radio Communication Analyzer is helping today’s engineers quickly and more effectively develop the smartphones and tablets of tomorrow, and bring wireless to more and more people around the world.

From new levels of efficiency and accuracy to new standards of intuitive design and speed-to-market, we’re helping to power the future of wireless communication — and stay Ahead of What’s Possible.

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