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Bridging the Physical and Digital World for Breakthrough Innovation

Analog Devices converts real-world phenomena into actionable insight, fundamentally impacting how leading companies will change the future.

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 Bridging the Physical and Digital World  for Breakthrough Innovation

Every Innovation Starts with a Story

National Instruments
National Instruments’ second-generation Vector Signal Transceiver is enabling the next generation of wireless communications – thanks to a deep partnership and advanced performance from Analog Devices.
See how we’re partnering to deliver innovation in 5G design and test.
Powered by Analog Devices’ iCoupler® digital isolation technology, Phoenix Contact’s I/O systems are delivering unrivaled levels of performance, reliability and safety—and paving the way for Factory 4.0.
See how Phoenix Contact is at the forefront of Factory 4.0
Fueled by Analog Devices’ semiconductor technology, SolarEdge’s HD-Wave Power Inverter uses advanced precision mixed signal processing to reduce the size, weight and quantity of its internal components—and dramatically cut costs. This is making it possible for solar power to achieve grid parity and create new possibilities for sustainable energy.
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For decades, LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) searched for gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space-time. One day, an audible chirp signaled to LIGO — and the world — that they had found them.
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Anritsu Mobile
ADI’s partnership with Anritsu is powering the world’s first all-in-one wireless communication tester, enabling RF engineers to rapidly and efficiently develop previously unimaginable wireless applications in the IoT and 5G eras.
See how we’re driving wireless innovation and peerless partnership
Honeywell Process Solutions worked closely with Analog Devices to reimagine Honeywell’s field transmitter platform – and revolutionize how industrial customers can operate their facilities with greater safety, sustainability, reliability and profitability.
See how ADI helped Honeywell reimagine their field transmitter platform
IoT:  Internet of Tomatoes
ADI is developing a sensing, processing and communications solution to optimize how tomatoes grow (and taste). It’s a deliciously powerful example of what Smart Agriculture can mean to products, people, and the future.
See what happens when Signal Chain meets Food Chain
Keysight Technologies
Reducing size, increasing battery life, furthering new possibilities in electronic design and test: Keysight Technologies, enabled by ADI, is doing just that, with FieldFox, the industry’s first 50 GHz handheld analyzer.
See how ADI measures up
ADI’s portfolio of reliable, rad-tolerant and long life-cycle solutions is helping Aerojet Rocketdyne engineer the most powerful rocket ever developed for NASA – making the first manned mission to Mars possible.
See how Aerojet Rocketdyne is putting innovation in orbit
OrthAlign is helping surgeons perform knee and hip replacements more precisely than ever before – with technology that outperforms systems that once filled entire rooms, yet fits in the palm of your hand.
See how ADI iSensor® technology is transforming surgery
From mentorship opportunities, to ongoing financial assistance, to supplying technology, Analog Devices is proud to support FIRST® Robotics Competition and empower tomorrow’s innovation leaders to create solutions – and opportunities – that are ahead of what’s possible.
Learn how we’re supporting FIRST Robotics and other STEM programs across our community
Medical Device Realization Center (MEDRC)
Healthcare innovation starts with partnership – and that certainly is the case at the Medical Device Realization Center (MEDRC), which joins Analog Devices together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to drive dramatic advances in medical technology –  from wearable medical devices to ingestible sensors to ultrasound imaging (and beyond).
See how the MEDRC is exploring new frontiers
BlackBox Biometrics
Traumatic brain injuries are as serious as they are difficult to promptly discern. That’s why innovators like BlackBox Biometrics are devising breakthrough wearable solutions, integrating ADI MEMS accelerometers and other advanced technology, to instantly assess and provide triage data on those at risk of concussion – from athletes to soldiers to first responders.
See how BlackBox Biometrics is measuring the unseen
DJI, the world leader in camera drone technology, combines technology with simplicity to yield revolutionary results – and ADI is proud to help make this possible. The result: aerial platforms that are smaller, lighter, easier to pilot, able to transmit video while in-flight, more power–efficient and, above all, more fun.
See how DJI is redefining aerial innovation
A better design experience. A greener, more dynamic automotive experience. ADI Automotive Audio Bus (A²B) technology delivers both. It enables high fidelity audio for automobiles while significantly reducing the weight of existing cable harnesses (by upwards of 75%)—for more flexible designs, superior performance and improved vehicle fuel efficiency.
See how A²B is changing automotive design

Meet Luke, from DEKA Research and Development Corp. It is the most advanced prosthetic arm approved by the FDA that can perform highly complex tasks. ADI is proud to deliver trusted, high-performance technology to help make DEKA’s revolutionary innovation possible—and improve quality of life for its users.

See how DEKA turned science fiction into fact

Mission-critical scenarios require high performance technology; solutions that transform how people can connect, inform, and support one another in the most demanding environments on Earth. Analog Devices SDR gives engineers a complete, proven, highly programmable wideband radio transceiver in IC form; and enables true, professional-grade features and reliability in handheld radio designs.

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The brand with four rings has invited ADI into its inner circle. And when Audi launches its next-generation car platforms, ADI’s signal processing solutions will be part of the ride.
See how ADI's ICs drive innovation
Frozen into place 1.5 miles beneath the Antarctic ice, ADI data converters and amplifiers help enable the world’s largest particle detector—named IceCube—to capture the notoriously elusive neutrinos.
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ADI keeps pace with a visionary start up to create the ultimate activity tracker. Withings, a Paris-based company known for its innovative line of Wi-Fi connected health devices, has embedded ADI’s ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer in its Pulse activity tracker.

Watch ADI's MEMS accelerometer in action
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