Reliable Wireless Sensor Network Streamlines Manufacturing Operations

SmartMesh IP embedded wireless mesh networks deliver >99.999% data reliability and ultra-low power in rugged, industrial environments. In their Silicon Valley semiconductor wafer facility, We use a SmartMesh IP wireless sensor network to streamline manufacturing operations—monitoring gas cylinder levels to proactively schedule replenishment and ensure uninterrupted supply.

For semiconductor wafer facilities, optimizing uptime and increasing operational efficiency results in increased production output. Installation must be non-disruptive, fit within existing space confines and work reliably in the metal and concrete structure.

We installed a SmartMesh IP wireless mesh network to monitor gas cylinder usage and relay real-time readings to plant management software. This data enables quick and accurate gas usage estimation, ensuring timely replenishment, reducing downtime and wasted gas. Data points are logged and used to aid capacity planning. Learn more about SmartMesh IP solutions.