NXP / Freescale Processor Solutions

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Analog Devices has worked closely with NXP (Freescale) and Strategic NXP (Freescale) Partners to provide you with approved and tested solutions for your processor based systems. Below you will find a host of useful tools that will allow you to select approved solutions for NXP.



Maximize Efficiency by Accurately Reducing Core Voltage of an NXP μP

Analog Devices Guneet Chadha demos how to change an NXP Arm Cortex μP core voltage via PMBus to maximize efficiency. This is useful in cases where final silicon core voltage changes from what is was expected to be initially.


Product Name Power - Core Power - I/O
LS1043A-RDBLTM4649 - 1V @ 8ALTM4649 - 2.5V @ 0.1A
LS1088A-RDBLTC3882 - 1V @ 25ALTC3026 - 2.5V @ 1.5A
T Series
Product Name Power - Core Power - I/O
T1023RDBLT8612 - 1V @  6ALT3021 -  2.1V @ 0.45A


i.MX 7
Product Name Power - Core Power - I/O
i.MX7 96BoardLTC3589-2 - 1.1V @ 0.5ALTC3589-2 - 1.8V @ 0.2A
i.MX 6
Product Name Power - Core Power - I/O
NOVPEK i.MX6Q/DLTC3676-1 - 1.1V @ 2.5ALTC3676-1 @ 1.8V @ 0.3A
NOVPED iMX6LTC3375 - 1.23V @ 4AADP222 - 1.8V @ 0.25A