Reference Designs

Analog Devices has developed hundreds of reference designs to help solve our customers' system level application challenges from mixed signal designs, to software drivers and algorithm development. View our Reference Designs Disclaimer.

New Designs

Low Power Gas Detector Circuit New


Single Supply, Micropower Toxic Gas Detector Using an Electrochemical Sensor

  • CN0551

    USB-Powered, 433.92 MHz RF Power Amplifier with Overtemperature Management

  • CN0503

    Multiple Parameter Optical Liquid Measurement Platform

  • CN0511

    DC to 5.5 GHz Signal Generator with +/-0.5 dB Calibrated Output Power

  • CN0560

    High Precision, Wide Bandwidth Current Measurement Signal Chain

  • CN0569

    Infrared Gesture Recognition Module

  • CN0401

    Isolated Signal and Power CAN FD with Switchable Termination and Remote Wake-Up


Software Defined Radio

The AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ is a high-speed analog module designed to showcase the AD9361, a high performance, highly integrated RF transceiver intended for use in RF applications.


Combo Circuits From the Lab

Explore Circuits from the Lab

Circuits from the Lab are built and tested by ADI’s applications experts, offering comprehensive documentation, complete hardware and integration files, and factory tested evaluation hardware.

Explore Circuits from the Lab

Circuits from the Lab

Circuits from the Lab ® Reference Designs are built and tested by ADI engineers with comprehensive documentation and factory-tested evaluation hardware.   View More

Drivers & Reference Code

Software repository for various levels of code development, including device drivers, HDL, and basic algorithms.   View More

FPGA and Processors Compatible Reference Designs

Analog Devices’ makes it easier for customers to connect Analog Devices’ high-speed and precision data converters, sensors, RF ICs and other components to FPGAs and microprocessors.   View More