A New Distribution Automation Solution Based on the ADSP-CM40x Processor

Power Distribution Systems

In the modern smart grid system, distribution automation systems will update to increasingly more intelligent electronic devices, which are used to monitor power quality and quickly isolate any fault from affecting the overall grid operation. Smart terminals, including DTU/FTU/TTU, are growing in use and changing grid architecture. Designing these devices requires processors, multichannel ADCs, signal condition circuits, a power supply, and communication interfaces.Robustness and cost became the main sources of pressure for equipment providers. Analog Devices, as the worldwide technical leader of mixed-signal processing, is the major electronic system solution supplier in power distribution systems and will give the solutions.

Why Use ADI Solutions?

The ADSP-CM40x system in one package, with a rich set of industry-leading system peripherals and memory, is helpful for a compact layout and reducing design time.
•    Decrease the overall system cost by using 16-bit, high precisions ADCs with low cost but high
     performance op amps.
•    Offers an additional on-chip assistant hardware module—HAE (harmonic analysis engine)—to reduce
     the load of the MCU for post signal processing algorithms (for example, energy metrology and FFT).
     Provide an easy approach for the customer to realize a metering and protection automation device.
•    Support two CAN buses for enhanced back plane communication, which increases communication
     bandwidth or provides system-level redundancy
•    Enhanced back plane-based, system-level robustness by using a differential type communication
•    Integrated Ethernet MAC with IEEE1588 supported.

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Design Resource


Reference Design/Demo Design
The data acquisition board designed by our distributor: WPI and Excelpoint, which is based on the ADSP-CM40x processor and other ADI products to cover the full signal chain. Meanwhile, integrated voltage and current sensors on the board for more compact layout.

Distribution Automation_2014_update_en

Application Notes/Technical Articles/Circuit Notes
•    Maximizing ADC Sampling Rate on ADSP-CM40x Mixed-Signal Control Processors (EE365)
•    ADSP-CM40x Power Supply Transistor Selection Guidelines (EE361)
•    Utilizing the Trigger Routing Unit for System Level Synchronization (EE360)
•    ADSP-CM40x Serial Flash Execute-in-Place Technology (EE363)
•    ADSP-CM403HAE-Harmonics-Analysis in Solar Applications (MS-2543)
•    LVDS and M-LVDS Circuit Implementation Guide (AN-1177)
•    Robust Completely Isolated Current Sense Circuit with Isolated Power Supply for Solar Photovoltaic Converters (CN0280)

Design Tool
•    www.analog.com/en/evaluation/cm40x-ez/eb.html

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