Reference Design Spotlight on Linear and Angular Position and Velocity

Precision DAQSensing and measurement of linear and angular position and velocity is required in a variety of industrial, motor control, medical, avionics, and other applications. The most popular sensor types used to perform these functions are electronic and electromechanical such as MR (magneto resistive), resolvers, MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) accelerometers, LVDTs (linear variable differential transformers), and ultrasonic. Signal conditioning circuitry (typically a combination of ADC, voltage reference, input drive amplifier, instrumentation amplifier, multiplexer, and/or power supply) converts sensor output into a digital format that can be interpreted and processed. In addition to the choice of sensor and signal conditioning components selected for the final design, achieving required performance levels depends on giving careful attention to layout, grounding, and decoupling techniques.

Circuits from the Lab reference designs featured in the table below enable quick integration and evaluation. Expand your knowledge of linear and angular position and velocity, as well as signal chain design. Download the Linear and Angular Position and Velocity Reference Design Brochure to learn more.(pdf)

About Circuits from the Lab® Reference Designs

CFTL_logo_registeredCircuit from the Lab reference designs are built and tested for function and performance by ADI's applications experts, and are commonly used in analog signal chain design as standalone solutions, or to build more complex circuits and subsystems.

These proven reference designs support quick and easy evaluation, prototyping, and design integration, and offer:

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Complete design and integration files
  • Factory-tested evaluation hardware

Browse ADI's library of over 200 built and tested reference designs. 

Circuits from the Lab Reference Designs: Linear & Angular Position & Velocity

Download circuit notes and view additional design information using the links below.


Sensor Type
 Input Range
Output Data
Eval Hardware
Pricing ($/ea)
Angular Position
Rotation velocity
0° to 360°, 0 rps to 3125 rps  10-16 Bits  SPI Integrated High Voltage Driver EVAL-CN0276-SDPZ* 130.00
0° to 360°  12 Bits  SPI Dual Axis Accelerometer EVAL-CN0189-SDPZ* 60.00
±2 g, ±4 g, and ±8 g  N/A Switch Closure Low Power, Standalone EVAL-CN0274-SDPZ* 50.00
Linear Position
±0.1"  12 Bits SPI   EVAL-CN0288-SDPZ*** 110.00
Linear Position
 ±0.1"  12 Bits
 SPI    EVAL-CN0301-SDPZ***  125.00


*Requires additional Evaluation Control Board.
** Requires additional Evaluation Control Board, and PMOD to SDP Interposer Board.
***Requires additional Evaluation Control Board, and Measurements Specialties LVDT Sensor. 

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