Features and Benefits

  • 2.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
  • 0.5V to 3.8V Output Voltage Range
    • Set by External Resistive Divider or Preprogrammed at Factory
    • Base EV Kit Configuration Set to 1.8V/2A Output
  • High-Frequency Switching (2.2MHz) Allows for an All-Ceramic Capacitor Design
  • Continuously Produces Output Current Up to 2A
  • Compact Solution Size
    • Externally Adjustable Output Implementation Fits Inside 65mm2 Area
    • Preprogrammed Output Implementation Fits Inside 55mm2 Area

Product Details

The MAX20073 evaluation kit demonstrates the performance and behavior of the MAX20073, a part in the MAX20015–MAX20018/MAX20073/MAX20074 family of pin-compatible, low-voltage, step-down switching regulator ICs.

The regulator delivers current up to 2A at an output voltage between 0.5V and 3.8V. The device operates from a 2.7V to 5.5V input supply voltage, making it ideal for post-regulation and point-of-load applications. The total error over load, line, and temperature ranges is 1.5%. The base switching frequency is 2.2MHz, which allows for all-ceramic capacitor application designs. The regulator can either be synchronized to an external clock or placed in a power-saving skip mode for increased efficiency at light loads.

The regulator provides an enable input and fault flag output. The output voltage can be set using an external resistor-divider and an internal 0.5V reference. Alternatively, it can be programmed at the factory for a specific output voltage, achieving 1.5% output accuracy without resorting to expensive 0.1% resistors. The soft-start time and fault hold time can also be factory programmed.

The regulators include overtemperature shutdown and overcurrent limiting. They are designed to continuously operate over the -40°C to +125°C ambient temperature.


  • Automotive
  • Point-of-Load